Top Three Vintage Clothing Stores in Cincinnati, Ohio

Vintage clothing stores in Cincinnati, Ohio are a great resource for period clothing. Vintage clothing store in Cincinnati, Ohio carry a variety of clothing from many bygone eras. Trying to locate a great vintage piece of clothing from a specific era can take a little bit of researching. Take advantage of the helpful staffs at your local vintage clothing store and you could cut your search in half.

Most vintage clothing stores will often be arranged by decade. This is a great time saver when you are e specifically looking for a skirt or short from the 1940’s. Most of the staff at vintage clothing stores are so knowledgeable about their inventory that they can give you a good idea of when your garment was stylish. Owners are especially helpful in this area. Most vintage clothing stores are somewhat of Mom and Pop shops, so it is not difficult to catch the owners at their own store. So, the next time you are hunting for that great flapper dress from the nineteen twenties, skip the costume rental store and check out your local vintage clothing store. Your flapper dress will be authentic and the envy of all of those around you.

Casablanca Vintage Clothing is a fabulous little vintage clothing boutique in Cincinnati, Ohio. Well, little isn’t exactly the right word. Casablanca carries one of the largest selections of vintage clothing in the entire Cincinnati area. Casablanca offers their shoppers two entire floors of vintage apparel ranging from Bonnie and Clyde type outfits all the way to outrageous seventies garbs. Everything on the first floor is for sale, while everything on the second floor is for rent. The local playhouses in Cincinnati all use Casablanca Vintage Clothing as a valuable resource for period clothing. Casablanca Vintage Clothing is located at 3944 Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45223. For more information or direction you can contact Casablanca directly at (513) 541-6999.

Damn Swank packs a lot of information about their store into their name. Damn swank is vintage and, well, proud of it. They carry a variety of clothing ranging form the 1920’s to the1950’s. Although Damn Swank is limited on space, they are very organized. Garments are arranged by size, which can save you a lot of time when you are looking for something than tactually fits you correctly. They even squeeze in a few pieces of furniture as well as some retro kitchen appliances. Damn Swank is located at 4137 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45223. For directions contact them at (513) 542-0045.

Edie’s House of Vintage is a great local Cincinnati source for all things vintage. Fabulous leisure suits, flowery fifties aprons, and housedresses are all packed into this great shop. Squeezed in around the clothing you will find a few retro and groovy items perfect for adding a little vintage charm to you abode. If you want to sell any of your items at Edie’s House of Vintage you will need to cal and make an appointment at (513) 662-3700. The store is located at (3233 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45211.

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