Top Three Vintage Clothing Stores in Louisville, Kentucky

Vintage clothing stores in Louisville, Kentucky are a great place to find one of a kind vintage pieces. Vintage clothing store in Louisville, Kentucky are filled with authentic vintage clothing, jewelry, shoes, and hats from the entire 20th century. Vintage clothing stores are full of gently used pieces from as far back as the 1920’s to as near as yesterday. Vintage clothing is a great way to take an existing wardrobe and completely change it on a budget.

Adding a little fun and change to your existing wardrobe does not have to cost a fortune. Almost anything goes in a vintage clothing store. You can find t-shirts from the 1980’s in the same building with chucky costume jewelry from the 1950’s. Shopping in a vintage clothing store will definitely inspire you to experiment with your fashion. The inexpensive prices give everyone free range to invest in a few fun and funky pieces. So, the next time you are in the mood to liven up your existing wardrobe, take a look at some of these great local Louisville, Kentucky vintage clothing stores.

2023 Antiques is a great local source in Louisville, Kentucky for vintage clothing as well as antiques and retro accessories for the home. They have an inventory full of anything from the past. While the focus may not be on clothing at 2023 Antiques, you can definitely find some fabulous authentic pieces here. Great vintage furs from the twenties and hats that would have made your grandmother proud are always readily available. 2023 Antiques is located at 2023 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky, 40206. They can be reached at (502) 899-9872.

Ambiance Boutique Vintage and Collectables Gallery says it all in their name. They carry a large selection of vintage duds in good condition. Ambiance Boutique Vintage and Collectables Gallery is one of Louisville, Kentucky’s best sources for authentic vintage clothing in good condition. They have a variety of vintage accessories, shoes, and hats available as well. The fun and lively clothing of the 1940’s, 50′ and 60’s dominate the clothing scene. Be prepared to spend a whole day digging through great finds and trying them on. The staff at Ambiance Boutique Vintage and Collectables Gallery is upbeat and fun and more then willing to point you in the right direction if you are looking for something specific. Ambiance Boutique Vintage and Collectables Gallery is located at 964 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky, 40204. Ambiance Boutique Vintage and Collectables Gallery can be reached at (502) 581-1200.

Retro Fit Vintage Clothing and Antiques is a top quality vintage clothing and antique store that could hold its own in the vintage market. They are a great source for creating a unique and authentic period costume as well as a great source to add fun and colorful one of a kind vintage pieces to your existing wardrobe. Retro Fit Vintage Clothing and Antiques is located at 123 West Oak Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 40203. They purchase and trade clothing to keep their inventory large and constantly changing. Trading or selling your existing vintage and name brand clothing is a great way to constantly change your existing wardrobe on a budget. They can be reached at (502) 585-4222.

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