Trimming Your Baby’s Finger Nails and Toe Nails

Trimming a baby’s finger nails and toe nails can be a very nerve wrecking task, especially for new moms. You are so afraid that you will accidental cut your little ones finger or toe, and then they will start to yell and cry. but there really are several suggestions that may help in trimming your child’s finger nails and toe nails.

When your child is younger than the age of six months you may want to try cutting their nails when they are asleep. I personally have found this to be a very good idea. This way you can really take your time and your child is not squirming around. Of course if your child is a light sleeper, than this may not work for you. If this is the case than you can try keeping your child occupied while you attempt to cut their nails. For example giving them a toy to hold with one hand may work to keep them occupied. Or turn on some music that helps to keep their attention.

You will definitely want to avoid holding them down. This will only frustrate your child and scare them. Another good idea is to try and make a game out of it. Sing a little song why you are trimming their nails and they will learn to think of it as a game. This way as your child gets older, they will really enjoy getting their nails trimmed. When it comes to how often to trip your babies nails, that is really up to you.

Most doctors will recommend that you trip their nails every two to three weeks. Although some children’s nails may grow quicker or slower. You can be the judge of how often they need to be cut. If your child’s nails are too long and not trimmed on a regular basis than you run the risk of them scratching themselves mostly on the face. Also when it comes to their toe nails if they get too long, sometimes they can get snagged on something, like a sock or even the carpet.

One final suggestion that may help as your child gets older is to explain to them what you are doing. It may help to even show them by cutting your own nails, and pointing out how nice they look. This tactic works especially good on girls, since they always want to do what mommy does. When they are a lot older like four or five, you can give them little pedicure treatments like mom, (if you have a girl).

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