Tyler State Park in East Texas

Welcome to Visual Tours! You have selected Tyler State Park for your next camping adventure, and indicated that the most important feature is the view from your tent. Most all of the tent sites at this park are picturesque, but the Lakeview Camping Area seems to etch the most beautiful memories in the camper’s mind.

Lakeview Camping Area is nestled among the pine trees next to a serene, transparent lake. The lake is small in diameter and provides the camper with a perfect view of paradise.

Pine trees stand guard around this charming body of water, reassuring the guests that the privilege of seclusion will prevail over the outside premises. When the sun thrusts its rays throughout the thick trees, transparent colored lights reach out to warm you; while the shades from the pines compete for a cooler presence.

Hearing the tree branches rustling in the breeze brings the promise of outdoor aromas. The most notable scents are the pine fragrances and burning wood from nearby campfires. Other sounds include muffled conversations between neighboring campers and water sloshing against the shoreline.

The view is even more engaging when Mother Nature introduces characters not seen in the superficial world. Raccoons dangle like Christmas ornaments, waiting for the day to surrender into dusk. Nightfall equips the critters with a blanket of darkness; thus hindering campers from witnessing the robbery about to take place. One by one, coons sneak closer to the rations left behind by the human visitors and feast before moving on to the next site.

Honeybees are another source of entertainment provided by nature. Opening a can of soda pop sends the bees an invitation to party at your picnic table. Fear is masked by persistence as the petty insects buzz around their human friends with hopes to share the sugary substance.

A better form of entertainment is watching the unique variety of birds the park offers. While in flight, they display their spectacular colors. They finish their travel by landing in the pines, setting the stage for an elaborate musical performance. The peaceful melody sounds as if the feathered friends gathered just to soothe your soul.

Nightfall brings new decorations to the Lakeview Camping Area. The sky changes from a sunset bursting with gleaming orange, to an endless dark navy heaven full of stars far more brilliant and numerous than in the city.

The park also offers swimming, biking and hiking trails, canoeing, and fishing piers. The park store will keep your campsite stocked with goodies and the shower facilities are neat and clean.

There are many beautiful places in Texas for a camper to visit, but only one park can leave you feeling as if a picture has been painted just for you.

Take advantage of this near perfect place and book your reservation today. The park is located 2 miles north of Interstate 20 on FM 14 north of Tyler on Park Road 16. Call 903/597-5338 for more information.

Tyler State Park is one of Texas’s best kept secrets. Paradise created just for you. A little bit of heaven right here on earth!

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