Used Music and Game Stores in Fargo Moorhead

Looking for that great music or video game title but don’t want to pay the price of new, well look no further. Try one of these great stores for your hard to find or gently used music cd’s, DVD’s, computer games or console games and even those older vinyl records.

Buying used or older CD’s or video games does not have to be a risk of your money. If you buy from a store that guarantees’ it’s product, no matter what product that is, you can be sure that you will get quality. If you purchase from a smaller or locally owned store you an be sure they will want to keep it’s customers happy for their own reputation. That’s why you can be sure to trust and get good quality and service from these smaller stores. If you are purchasing a used CD or DVD you may be getting a refurbished one.

If you want to know if they are doing this or if your getting a used one that has not been resurfaced, just ask. Many of these stores will be refurbishing or resurfacing the discs they sell. This is a simple process that cleans and removes the scratches off the surface of the reading side of the disc to ensure you get a quality disc. This is accomplished with a machine that resurfaces the disc and you can e sure that this has been done by looking at the disc. If there are no scratches or marks on the surface of the shiny side of the disc, either you got lucky and found that rare disc that someone took care of or it’s been resurfaced. This process does not harm the surface it merely cleans and removes scratches so you get a good quality disc without any scratches.

Cheapo Discs is a chain music store that is locally owned and sells a huge selection of music. Located at 409 Main Avenue Moorhead Minnesota, 218-233-3337, they have a wide selection of music and I know they resurface their discs on site. They have the machine to clean off the scratches and they offer a huge selection of music and DVD’s. They even have a section of local music from those smaller hard to find bands who produce their own CD’s. They have machines to listen to some of the select and most popular music at the store so you can be sure your getting what you want.

Mother’s Music is a smaller and locally owned music store that specializes in those hard to find music selections. They often have some of the rock, punk and other more serious music that is not found at stores like Walmart or Target. They are located at 123 8th Street South, Moorhead, Minnesota, 218-287-9601. They also have a great selection of posters and other music related merchandise that is often only available from larger stores in big cities.

Retro Disc is another smaller music and DVD store that resurfaces their discs on site. They have two stores in the area at 1215 Center Avenue, Moorhead, Minnesota, 218-233-4656 and 1330 Main Avenue, Fargo, North Dakota, 701-461-7281. I know the store at Center Avenue in Moorhead does have the resurfacing machine and I am not sure if they are both owned by the same people. But they have a huge selection of both music and DVD’s.

And now for that kid at heart and video games. There are two stores both owned by the same chain called Gamestop. They are the video game store that is a national chain but locally owned and have all kinds of used and new CD’s for console games. Located at 1801 45th Street South West, Fargo, North Dakota, 701-281-1232 and in the West Acres Mall, Fargo North Dakota, 701-282-4016. They have all kinds of console games from Play Station to Xbox and all the handhelds. Plus they have a good selection of computer games and DVD’s that are both used and new. Both stores are part of the GameStop enterprise and have an on line site that you can find out the availability of games and even order them from any of the stores and get them delivered top your home or find out if the store near you has a certain selection. Go here to find out more about the selection they have and about the stores in your area: .

I have also found some other places to get that video game for less than paying the store price when the game first comes out. Until I started working for a video game review website I would buy games that were out on the market for awhile and pay less for them. I would get them at stores like Walmart and Target but sadly Walmart has changed their policy and stopped selling the older video games. Happily Target still sells the titles that are older and the store will no longer carry. So when that older title goes off the shelf but the store still has a few copies of it they go to the discount shelf. And there you can find a real bargain in video games, whether it’s for your PC or the console games you can often find that game that’s been out for a few months for less than half or even better. I have often found games for less than ten dollars at our local Target for games that have been out for awhile but have found that the store in Moorhead often has lower prices on their discounted items. The store in Fargo tends to be a little more on the price even for the same games. So the Target store in Moorhead is the place to go for those games, console and PC, that are on their way off the regular shelf and onto the discount area.

I have also found that the second hand stores like Salvation Army and such carries a selection of both music and video games, but you have to be careful when your purchasing these. They will not be resurfaced and often can have scratches on them. You just need to look at the discs to make sure your getting a decent one without too many scratches on the surface. Many times the store will be happy to let you look at it if your interested in purchasing. If your getting the music or game for a couple of dollars then a risk is often the case but for a few dollars it’s often a bargain to get the product for that price.

Whether it’s music, video games or even appliances or TV’s, you can’t go wrong with a locally owned and smaller store. Often you will get better service and are sure to find that more stores that are locally owned count on their reputation and treating their customers well for your business. If they treat their customers well they will want to come back, and that is what these stores count on for business.

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