Uses for Empty Baby Wipe Containers

It seems a shame to throw away empty baby wipe containers. Baby wipe containers are made of sturdy, often colorful plastic, and the attached lids are a nice attribute. Unfortunately, numerous baby wipe containers are thrown away every day because, although baby wipes come in nice plastic boxes, people don’t always know what to do with them. There are many creative as well as practical uses for empty baby wipe holders. These uses and ideas are so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of some of them yourself!

Outlet Covers

Do you need an extra large outlet cover to protect little fingers? This is one of the most practical uses for an empty baby wipe container. Simply remove the lid from an empty baby wipe box, and drill holes near the four corners. Cut a notch out of the side or end to accommodate a cord, and attach the makeshift outlet cover the wall with the appropriate hardware. Recycling a baby wipe box is a great alternative to buying an outlet cover.

Leftover Storage

Most people wouldn’t consider storing leftover foods in an empty baby wipe container, but just because baby wipe containers didn’t contain food in the first place doesn’t mean they can’t be used to store food when they’re empty. Reusable food storage containers aren’t exactly cheap, so why not recycle baby wipe holders and use them to store leftovers? As long as they’re properly washed, they make fantastic tight sealing food storage containers.

First-Aid Kits

Every home and vehicle should be equipped with a first-aid kit. If you have empty baby wipe boxes, making first-aid kits is definitely one of the best uses for those empty containers. Fill clean, dry boxes with first-aid items such as various types of adhesive bandages, alcohol swabs, triple antibiotic ointment, gauze, medical tape, latex gloves, tweezers, syrup of ipecac, any other practical necessities to administer first-aid.

Traveling With Kids

People with kids understand the value of carrying items to keep kids occupied while traveling, and empty baby wipe containers are perfect for carrying treats, small toys, crayons, and other necessities. Fill a clean container with special treats and toys for each child. Taking along travel containers should keep everyone occupied for the duration of the trip.

Treasure Chest Ideas

Are you planning a birthday party for one of your kids and you’re not sure what theme you’ll choose? How about making treasure chests for each child attending the party? Empty baby wipe containers make fantastic treasure chests for boys and girls. Simply remove all the labels from empty baby wipe containers and glue faux gems to the outside of each one. Line the bottom and sides of the containers with felt, and fill them with foil covered chocolate coins, ring pops, and other candies appropriate for a birthday treasure chest. All of the kids will be thrilled, and you’ll enjoy making these fun and easy birthday surprises.

Extra Protection

Are you still looking for uses for empty baby wipe containers? If you have something fragile to mail, before putting the item in a cardboard box and hoping it reaches its destination unscathed, place it in an empty baby wipe container first. The plastic container will provide and extra layer of protection without adding a lot of extra weight to the package.

Dryer Sheet Storage

Dryer sheets stored in cardboard boxes never completely hold their scent once they’ve been opened. The cardboard boxes are difficult to keep closed. Instead of storing dryer sheets in their original box, consider placing them in a clean and dry baby wipe container. They’ll hold their scent much longer than before. This is one of the most practical uses for empty baby wipe containers.

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