Utah Divorce Laws

Utah Divorce Laws aren’t very complicated. The divorce process can be over quickly or it can take up to 90 days or more depending upon certain situations. Just remember that you and your spouse can’t have the same attorney due to conflicts. When you go to get a divorce in Utah then you and your spouse usually agree upon who pays what debt that occurred during the marriage. The bill collectors and creditors don’t have to agree to the arrangements that you and your spouse made with each other regarding who is responsible for the debt. You can also divide assets equally upon agreement. If you and your spouse don’t have a high income or don’t have major debts or many assets then you can work things out together during the divorce then you might not need an attorney. You really only need an attorney if you and your spouse can’t work together to divide everything up, high income, many assets, and huge debts.

Utah Divorce Laws do grant alimony to be paid regardless of gender. The purpose of Alimony is to help the person be able to pay their debt and regular household expenses for a little while. They do take into consideration how many years that you have been married and how much income the person has each month and debt that you have. You only can get alimony for only last for a certain amount of years , but alimony usually can’t be longer than how many years that you and your spouse were married. Alimony is revoked when the ex spouse gets remarried or when he or she is living with someone else of the opposite sex.

Utah Divorce Law usually requires both parties to go into a divorce education class before getting a divorced if you have children together. If for some reason you and your spouse can show that you two don’t need the class then you don’t have to go to the class. The class entails how divorce is difficult on children, how to divide debt up along with other things, and affects of divorce.

In the process of a divorce if you two have any children then you usually work out an agreement on visits, and joint or sole custody of the children. You can also agree a certain amount of child support per month together for the children. You can go to court to get child support if you and your spouse can’t agree on child support.

They have a on line court assistance program that allows you to fill out the divorce papers on line and it only costs twenty dollars to do your own divorce papers. You can access the on line court assistance program at http://www.utcourts.gov/ocap/ on their website. You can use the court assistant program if you have less than 7 children with your spouse and don’t make over $10,000 a month together. If you and your spouse have a high income or tons of debt or many assets than you really should get an attorney just to help you both properly.

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