Video Game on the Cheap

Have a love of video games but short on cash? There are some great bargains out there and sleeper video game hits just waiting at your local video game store. It is said video games make most of their money within the first three months of release. This is when those hot titles have that hefty price tag. After a few months the price begins to fall and so the bargain hunting begins.

With all the titles that come out monthly it’s inevitable that some very solid game titles will fly under the radar. These games quickly drop in price and soon wind up in the bargain bin. I’m always leery of game titles under ten dollars but with a little research into a title some of these games are worth a chance. When reading reviews it’s always a good idea to think of the source of the review like if the site or writer seems to agree on other titles that you have played. Some video game critics slant their reviews so some biases do come in play.

Renting video games is a great resource to play the latest games without forking over the high price of a new release. Renting helps to make an informed decision if a game is really worth the cost to you. If you enjoy the game and want to play it longer then buying might be the route to go.

Why pay at all when free games do exist? A lot of PC games have a shareware version that you can play for an hour. Most of these casual PC games can be found on several websites across cyberspace. There are also a good many freeware games on the Internet as well. While these games may not have outstanding graphics but the price is really good. Some of these freebies are actually pretty good games. Let’s not forget about gaming sites that have versions of web-based video games. These games may not be complete but are good for a few hours entertainment. There are plenty of casual game websites that update their game database daily with the latest game releases.

Many options exist for the casual gamer who wants to play a new-to-you video game without forking over a lot of money. The above suggestions just begin to scratch the surface of what bargains are out there everyday but just take a little research to find. Happy hunting and game on!

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