Walk-In Health Clinics

With the rise and spikes in today’s health insurance costs, more people may be finding it inefficient and difficult to keep up with medical expense budgets. If you have a limited income, or just need more options and flexibility with your current health insurance options, chances are you’ll benefit from today’s walk-in health clinics. These retail clinics are sprouting up across the country as ancillary services to big-box stores such as Wal-Mart and Walgreens.

Walk-in health clinics provide customers with a hassle-free and efficient way to take care of medical issues, prescription fulfillment, and payment. The one-stop ‘a la carte’ style can address your needs and concerns quickly, with your products ready for purchase right at your fingertips. With an on-site staff dedicated to providing recommendations and professional advice, more outpatients can look close to home to fulfill their medical needs. Walk-in health clinics can deliver basic services such as flu shots, vaccines, and immunizations; this fresh format may prove beneficial to those with limited time, money, and patience!

Routines sessions such as exams, basic immunization shots, vaccines, blood pressure checks, and preliminary consultations can take weeks of advanced booking at most physician’s and doctor’s offices. Patients often have to juggle their schedules and availabilities to get the care they need. Walk-in health clinics provide a convenient alternative; they are set up just like a retail store and serve as a one-stop destination to handle basic medical concerns and requests easily.

The clinics are stationed within large supercenters such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and other chains that are high-traffic and highly efficient shopping destinations. The chains coordinate their efforts with a national health care provider, creating a strong network of professional staff and services. For instance, Arcadia in Michigan is partnering with Physicians’ Organization of Western Michigan for all of its recently opened clinics though Meijer, Inc. chains. CVS is creating partnerships to purchase segments of retail health clinic outlets across a variety of markets.

Outpatient medical services in this format may be well-received in the long run. With an increased focus on customer satisfaction, and featuring the clinic as a complete service, many shopping sites can target a new set of customers to provide medical services beyond the scope of today’s limits at big-box stores. Innovative technology such as touch-screen selections, databases of patient information for easy prescription refills, and other shopping services are offering attractive opportunities for enhancing a new health clinic experience.

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