Ways to Relieve Stress

Ways to Relieve Stress

Nobody likes to be stressed out! Unfortunately millions of Americans have to deal with stress everyday. You can stress out about your job, moving, fighting with you spouse, the news, and even the weather. Help is here. Here are some ways that can help you relax. (One of them is to laugh!)

1)Try creating your own personal “stress relief kit.” This can rescue you when you are the most stressed. Put your items in an attractive box and keep it in the bathroom or bedroom. Stock it with things that will help you relax. You want to have at least six items in the kit. Include a book, music, and candles, pictures that make you think of a peaceful place, chocolate or bubble bath. Add things that will help take your mind of the stress factor.

2)You may also want to try writing. Sometimes writing how you feel about a situation is one of the best stress releasers. You may want to start a journal or just keep a special note book set aside for stressful events. Put your thoughts on paper may help take it off your mind.

3)Exercise can also be a great stress releaser. Physical motion can release the tension in your body. Some examples are running up and down stairs a few times, dancing around your living room (listening to music is a great way of getting rid of stress) or go outside for a long walk.

4) Deep, focused breathing can refresh your mind. Imagine that breathing in and exhaling out is like bringing in the good, calming thoughts and releasing all of the negative ones.

5)Lastly, the one thing that helps me release tension is a long, warm bath. Put lit candles in the bathroom and run a bubble bath. A bath in lavender scented water or bubble should help relax you. You may also want to try the scent of sandalwood.

Learning how to identify and describe your different moods and feelings is an important part of dealing with stress. You may want to try one or all the ideas about to help lessen the amount of stress in your life. I hope that one of these will work for you.

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