Web Cam: Free Sites versus Paid Ones

Web cam websites don’t have to be cluttered, full of heavy graphics or always in dark or blinding colors. Slow dial up users will appreciate Web Cam Now’s difference in web design. The first look of the website is super clean and neat and very easy to follow.

The Java based downloads are a little annoying. Anyone with pop up blockers will need to be aware of this. The smaller free version comes in a smaller window and some of the web cams being shown in the samples are hard to see. However, the look and feel of the downloaded program itself is very nice. It’s easy to work with and has clearly indicated rooms. I was able to find Abby, a friend of mine testing out the same program; very easily and within a minute we were chatting and checking everything out.

Because I have Windows XP, there was a need to readjust my computer a little, which took away from the experience a little. Web Cam Now did have instructions just below the download link to help out with this situation. Way to go! I always like help where it is needed.

The free web cam offer is nice, but at only six frames per minute, anyone used to Yahoo’s Instant Message web cams will be highly disappointed. Abby and I were clearly trying to wave at each other and it usually took a minute to get the picture taken two minutes ago. In order to make it go faster you have to upgrade, which is inexpensive but you do wonderâÂ?¦ why?

If you are going to go for gold, the upgrade is available for only $9.95 a month, a funny price considering Yahoo and other free web cam sights offer their services for free. You only get faster per frame speed, at 60 frames a minute. This is a lot faster than the free version but you wondered why exactly you spent the money in the first place besides the bandwidth.

The pop ups are nicer on the paid upgrade. You can clearly see everyone who is available for chat. The window is bigger and you can adjust the size to how you like, but the bigger it got the slower the upload so dial up users need to be aware. Abby’s dial up didn’t let her see the images as fast as I was seeing them.

Everyone was scattered about in different rooms. There is a family and friends section for those who need to be monitored and for nice chatters. There is also an un-moderated section, which is code word for nude guys looking for nude girls to flirt with. No faces in that room, all cameras are focused on crotches, which made it hard to keep up with any conversation.

It was a little disturbing that the adult section was so easily accessible. All I had to do was give a fake age and I was in looking at naked people. I understand it is an on your honor thing but I was concerned for little kids eyes clicking on the wrong room.

With every website I visit, I always check out the help files. This one has a standard list of frequently asked questions divided into categories. It contained all the questions I could have thought to ask and customer service was an email away. I do think they should add an online form for contacting customer service so I don’t have to leave the website. Otherwise, it was helpful and informative and answered most of my questions.

While leaving it behind, I understood the $9.95 price was nice for getting to chat in a group with web cam, but I think Yahoo offers the same thing for free. You do miss the whole one on one experience if you wanted that. Even if you are in a room alone text chatting I think everyone can still see your web cam if they click on it as they are all grouped together.

A little unsettling, but ultra clean and easy to upload for dial up users or broadband users alike. Web Cam Now does offer an opportunity for anyone to hook up with a web cam and chat online. Their number one ranking position on Google makes them easy to find. In all, Web Cam Now is very nice and I would recommend to people looking for a free place to chat, especially if you have slow dial up.

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