Wedding Story

It was a nice day for mid November. Not your typical wedding date but we were proud that some part of this day would be unusual. My husband and I decided to give our moms the wedding they wanted. It was our gift to them. We are not very conventional. I had a beautiful ornate dress that made me look like a princess. It had an extraordinarily long train, that my seamstress managed to make into a bustle for dancing later on. This was a fantastic thing. I think I liked it better in the bustle! We had our ceremony in a very cute chapel that didn’t mind marrying people of other beliefs. See, his family was Christian. Well, of multiple branches. Mine, well, we aren’t of any “religious” belief. We lean toward more of an esoteric belief. Our “isle” was adorned with candles on each pew row with white ribbons connecting them all. I had royal blue flowers of different sorts in my bouquet and flowers for boutonnieres and such. Although these flowers came about five minutes late! The chapel pastor and his wife where so gracious and kind. They helped stall everything until they arrived! They are amazing people.

The ceremony went extremely well. Although, I was concerned that I would faint at any moment. I think I kept forgetting to breath. I was so nervous. I also kept imagining that my veil would catch on fire when we lit our candles. But everything went really well. Until…the pastor invited everyone at the wedding to fallow us to the reception. You see, only maybe half were actually invited to the reception. We didn’t invite all 200 people! So now we had guests that were turned away at the reception. The restaurant (that we had our reception at) tried to squeeze more people in, but there just was not enough room for everyone. Not to mention, the food that had already been ordered weeks in advance. This was a sit down reception. All the orders were placed in advance. The restaurant handled everything so well. At least this aspect. My cake didn’t have the topper on it, or any plates and the punch had no cups! These things were not really a problem though. As soon as I brought it up they fixed it. The real entertainment was our guests.

Our guests were mostly family from my husband side. He has a very large family. Well, it wound up that it was more of a family reunion than our reception. We could not get anyone to dance! Here we were our day, feeding all these people and they wouldn’t even dance with us? Then my new sister-in-law started her scene. She was crying that her father didn’t love her for the entire reception. Which was not in the least bit true. The father now lived a state away and she is an adult who can drive and knows how to use a phone. She had just decided to be upset that night.

My family, although small, was not innocent. My new husband was taking off my garter (with his teeth) and my sweet, loving mom rushed at him with her fork! It didn’t register that I was now married in her mind! She was going to fork him if her life depended on it! Luckily my aunt caught her and managed the fork out of my moms hand before she got to us. We were laughing so hard. I couldn’t breath. Now my handsome hubby was standing there with a garter and no body their to catch it. All the men were already married except for the kids and my new brother-in-laws. Who at the time had no interested in marriage. But when it was my turn to through my bouquet it was a much different story.

All the single women lined up waiting for me to throw the bouquet. Wouldn’t you know it, my wonderful aunt (that had just saved us from my mother) creamed the other ladies in order to catch my bouquet. She must have taken out five women. Here she is in her fifties and just like a line backer, tackled these other women. It was hysterical! She was so proud that she had the bouquet and told the other women that they would heal. As the were getting off the ground brushing themselves off. I think I even saw a couple of them limp. I just couldn’t believe that these were my family members. I started thinking. Those guests that had been turned away from the reception, were actually pretty lucky. They didn’t suffer the wrath of our families.

My husband and I were so proud of our new accomplishments. You see, we had only known each other for six months on our wedding day. He had proposed at three months and we planned our wedding in three months. We managed it for about half the average price as well. Quite an undertaking. We didn’t kill each other in the process either! Which we took for a good sign, that our marriage would last. We were right. As I write this article we will be celebrating our 13th year in November! Our lucky number. Maybe we will renew our vows. This time though, we would have a ceremony we want.

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