What Does Studying Abroad Have to Offer You in College?

I have spoken with many people who have studied abroad for a semester in college and it is one of the best experiences of your college life. Most universities offer a ton of options for studying abroad. The list of countries that I have heard people travel to around college campuses is as follows: London, Paris, Madrid, Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Israel and much more. Here are past experiences that I have heard of from college students to each of these places and the reviews that I would give each of them.

My personal choice and my ideal country that I would love to study in is London. I have never been to London or England but I have heard nothing but great reviews about it. In most study abroad programs to London, you can have an internship at a law firm or judges office. You can intern at an accounting office, doctor’s office and other great choices. The internships usually just provide a stipend to pay for your travel expenses and food going to the internship place every day. You will usually be living in a suite with other people like yourself who have chosen to study in London for that semester. The London program is sponsored through the English program in schools in London like Oxford and Cambridge which offer this study abroad feature.

The price of living in Europe for a semester is generally higher than tuition you might be paying for in one semester at an American institute. This is because the Euro or Pound in European countries has a higher currency exchange than in the United States.

The Paris program I have heard is breathtaking. The sites you see in Paris like the Eiffel Tower are memories that will last a lifetime. The food is exceptional and the tour guides and program directors do a wonderful job of giving you all that Paris has to offer. Some people do worry about the language barrier. While it is a lot easier for students who have taken courses in French, I do not discourage anyone who doesn’t know French not to go to Paris. While it might be harder, the tour guides and
students will be able to explain everything to you.

The final place that I would like to look at is Australia. Australia according to the World News report of 2006 is the fastest growing place for tourism in the world and more and more students in the United States want to travel to Australia and Sidney. The views there are amazing and so are the creatures that most people crave to see that are indigenous to Australia like kangaroos. Another factor is that they speak English in Australia so it makes it a lot easier for students. You can also take classes in Sidney which is a pretty big city with several universities that accept American students.

Whichever country you choose to study in, it will be sure to be a memorable experience. Studying abroad in a country I strongly recommend especially if you have never traveled outside of the United States. It is cultural experience that will change you and give you a valuable learning experience. In addition you will make friendships with strangers for the rest of your college years that you will keep in contact and be close friends with.

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