What Has Happened to Customer Service?

Lately, it seems like everywhere I look, there is bad customer service. I know I am not the only one. Friends, family, even people in passing have complained about it. I personally don’t understand this at all.

Recently, someone complained about bad customer service at a particular store. A BIG chain. She complained to the manager and was basically told if she didn’t like the way she had been treated not to come back! I can’t imagine!!! So, what did she do? She emailed the corporate office, and not only is she not going back, she is telling everyone she knows. Has it gotten to the point where retailers are so sure of themselves that it is ok to treat PAYING customers any way they choose.

I remember a day when the customer was always right. I used to work retail. Believe me, there were some characters that I met, but I was never rude. I was raised differently, if nothing else. Anymore, I don’t know if it is lenient rules by the stores themselves, the fact that few people seem to be raising their children to be kind and considerate, or both that causes these problems. I am beginning to only shop at stores I am completely satisfied with. I would rather pay more and receive good service.

A few months ago, my dryer went on the blink. I got up one Saturday morning, put on a tshirt and a pair of sweatpants and went looking for a new one. One store I went to just blew my mind. It took a long time to even get help and when I did, they acted like I couldn’t afford what I had come after. I had the money, in CASH, in my pocket. I was so irritated I went to another store, paid about $35 more, but they were the kindest employees there I had seen in a long time.

Several times as of late, I find myself contacting the corporate offices of stores about something that has happened at their store. I have decided not to take it. I WILL complain- for all the good it sometimes does. Once I contacted one popular store because I was ordering prints at the 1 hour service online, and was getting them 2 or 3 hours later. I felt I should not have to pay for 1 hour service if I wasn’t getting them in an hour! The distric manager asked me to come in and try again, which I did, but had the same problem. Finally, he acted as if he was tired of dealing with me. I haven’t bought prints there since, nor will I. I’ve decided people just don’t care.

On a bright note, I called a store last week because I was over-charged, and didn’t realize it until I arrived home. The store manager asked me to come in, was VERY kind, and refunded completely the item I was over-charged for. THAT is great customer service and I will continue, happily, to use that store. Ironically, before, it was a store I rarely shopped at. Now, I will be doing MUCH more shopping there, taking that shopping away from the stores with less desireable customer service.

I realize my pitiful amount of money might not mean much to a store. But I tell people. I hope everyone who has a bad experience does the same. I hope you call the highest person you can. I hope you start shopping somewhere that does better. If we all refuse to stand for bad customer service, maybe it will change. We can at least hope.

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