What is Yoga and How Could Bending and Breathing Change My Way of Life?

So many people are taking part in this strange so called life altering “thing”. Most of just notice this strange extending stretches an wonder how could bending and breathing change my way of life. Well, here are some facts about yoga.

Yoga is at least 5000 years old. Some evidence suggests it developed with the first form of human civilization. It seems likely that Stone Age shaman’s first began this strange practice. The earliest record of Yoga it has been officially dated back 3000 years. This record was stone seals that were excavated from the Indus valley. These stone seals depict human figure performing well know Yoga postures. At this point in history yoga was most likely used for purposes of healing and simple enlightenment. The discovery of these seals not only proves that yoga was being practiced 3000 years ago but it links the practice of Yoga to the Indus-Sarasvati civilization. This civilization was not only the largest civilization of the ancient world it was the most evolved. This civilization not only practiced Yoga it built multistory buildings, a sewage system, and brick roads.

Today numerous amounts of people practice this same discipline and claim that the benefits range from healthy weight loss to spiritual enlightenment, the word yoga means to unite. With the use some forms of yoga the practitioners find unity within themselves (mind, Body and spirit) and within other, more ancient forms, the practitioner find unity and understanding with a higher being. The breathing seems to allow a person to inter a trance like state in which people find there selves free of thought.

All natural healthy stress relief is the benefit of yoga that is advertised and sold and delivered. This strange looking bends, flexes and stretches seem to relive the pressures of the modern way of life. The ability for us to manage mental emotional and physical stress is clinicly proven to encourage a healthy life.

Yoga, an ancient practice of relaxation and sedative prayer, seems to have a variety of benefits for all cultures. This strange bending flexing and breathing has become a leader in the market of stress relief. The benefit of natural weight loss has proven itself to make a difference in many lives. Yoga is strange but only because it seems different. This practice

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