Where to Find Ballroom Dance Fashions Online

Ballroom dancing is a glitzy affair with beautiful formals, gorgeous gowns, and dashing tuxedos. There are several great places online where you can go to order the costumes and gowns, made especially for easy movement and beauty.

At www.dancesportballgowns.com, you’ll find men and women’s dance wear and performance costumes. They have a selection of new or used costumes for every budget, but specialize in men’s Latin shirts. The shirts are made-to-order for an exact fit. They even have a clearance page for markdown bargains. They offer gift certificates for those wanting to get something special for the ballroom dancer in their life.

Another great site is found at www.dancingusa.com/pages/873219/index.htm They offer gowns and costumes like most similar sites, but they also have a large selection of ballroom shoes for men and women. On a budget? Try their second-hand shop where affordable prices reign. They have links to many other sites that feature ballroom fashions, accessories and jewelry. There are so many links you’re sure to find exactly what you want.

If you’re unsure of what type of ballroom fashion is acceptable visit www.eijkhout.net/rad/data/ballroom_costume.html Here they explain the differences between tuxedos, what kinds of gowns allow flowing movement, and even discuss makeup techniques for ballroom dancing. It’s an informative site that is helpful if you’re a beginner in ballroom dancing.

At AJ Tango, you’ll find wardrobes especially designed for dancing the tango. Tight yet stretchy pants for men, Latin shirts, sultry gowns and all the accessories. Have a look here: www.ballroomdancers.com/Directory/Other/view_details.asp?ID=126

Dance wear, shoes, capezio dance wear, leotards and tights, and much more here: www.allaboutdance.com

Ballroom dance wear on a budget: www.ballroomdressforless.com

High quality, upscale dance wear: www.centralhome.com/ballroomcountry/links.htm

Dance wear, practice wear, shoes, jewelry and more: www.crystalscreations.com/links.htm

Huge selection of dance pants for men: www.dancepants.com

Custom made or ready made dance outfits you can purchase or rent: www.ballroomdancers.com/Directory/Other/view_details.asp?ID=160

Dance wear for kids, custom dresses, fashion and accessories for all performing arts dancing: www.everythingshiny.com

Ballroom dancing fashion and music: www.danceshopper.com

Dance costumes, events, coaches, places to dance: http://dir.yahoo.com/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Ballroom/Regional_Information

All types of dance products: www.clubpromenade.com

Swing dancing, Arabian, and other costumes: www.costumes4less.com

Ballroom gown patterns: http://cornellballroom.org/links_dancewear.php

Formal patterns for 1900’s styles: www.pastpatterns.com

Cheap exclusive gowns: www.cybergown.com

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