Winter Beach Hair Tips

Casually tousled summer beach hair screams “sexy” but do you really need to ditch this warm weather style when the temperatures drop? Nope! Winter beach hair is totally possible and gorgeous all year long. Dealing with chlorinated pool water is not really an issue during winter but sun damage is. Keep the tips hydrated and healthy looking for a beautiful winter hairstyle. Try these winter beach hair tips!

Blow Dry With a Diffuser

Blasting your hair with the high heat setting on your blow dryer won’t help you achieve sumptuous beach hair-just frizzing and dryness. Try a blow dryer diffuser attachment. You’ll dry your hair quickly without all the frizz. Also, once a week, touch the tips of the hair with a heat activated conditioner. Stop those split ends before they appear.

Should You Dry Naturally?

You’ve already got gorgeous waves-why mess with perfection? If you have naturally wavy hair and can spare the time, opt for air drying. Simple squeeze the excess water from your hair with a towel, and wait for the hair to partially dry. Control waves with a squirt of styling mousse. Scrunch and tousle hair a few times to really get wavy!

Keep the Tips Trimmed

So when does beach hair go bad? Usually, right after you skip a hair appointment or two. Keep those appointments. Even though you aren’t straightening or curling your do, tips should look even and healthy. Also, depending on your hair texture, you may need to ask for some layers, especially in the back. Get beachy hair with good lift.

Get a Bohemian Beach Style

Good news beach hair lovers-the Bohemian beach style is in. After tousling dry hair with a styling product and your fingers, add a few braids at the temple. Gorgeous, relaxed and pretty hair styling!

Ditch the Brush

When you brush your hair, you pull on the hair follicles, stretching them and sometimes fluffing them. You don’t want that if you want winter beach hair. Untangle your hair with a wide toothed comb or pick once or twice a day. A beach hair style shouldn’t look to controlled, no matter what time of year it is.

Break out a beautiful winter beach hairstyle with these easy to use beach hair tips.

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