You Know It’s One of Those Days When……

by Rochelle Moore

1 You are shampooing your hair in the shower…WRONG…its shower gel

2 You put your shoes on the wrong feet and wonder why you can’t walk properly

3 You think that your kettle is broken because it has taken so long to boil. It would, seeing as you never switched it on in the first place.

4 You go up to your car and spend 10 minutes trying to open it….wrong car

5 You try to get into your office building by swiping your gym card

6 You wonder why everyone is looking at you and realize that you have been wearing your sweater inside out

7 You spend hours looking for your sunglasses and realize that they are on top of your head

8 You buy something for 99c and give the shop assiatant 1.01 dollars in order to make the change easier

9 You go to your cashpoint on the way home, enter your pin number, take your card out and walk away without the money

10 You get back home and realize that you only made-up one eye this morning and totally forgot to do the second one.

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