Zeno: The Newest Weapon for Acne Treatment

Like most people, I had some acne as a teenager. It was no big deal, everyone had some sort of blemish in high school. But as an adult acne is a different story. It’s an embarrassment. If you’re like me, if you don’t have full blown acne but the occassional blemish which always seems to pop up at the most inconvient moments. It seems like I have tried every patch, cream, liquid, mask and peel out there.

Then one day I was over at my parents’ house and my mom was flipping through an US Magazine. She spotted an ad for a robotic, space-aged looking product called “Zeno” that claimed to “zap” your zits away. Of course, it was phrased a little more elegantly than that, but that was it’s basic claim, to “zap” your blemishes. So curiousity got the best of me and I was inclined to investigate further. I checked out the website, read all the medical information and testimonials. It all sounded just like everything else I had tried that had ultimately failed. But since I hadn’t tried this one yet, I thought hey, what the heck, let’s go for it. And it ordered it.

A week later and two hundred and something dollars poorer, I opened my box. Inside I found a slim silver cased object about the size of a standard cell phone with two fat buttons on it and a small black charger. I thought for sure I had fallen for the latest hair-brain scheme. But alas, I tried it anyways. The instructions tell you to cleanse your face thoroughly. I did so. Then you press the big fat button on the left, the device makes a beeping sound then lights up. At this point I felt somewhat better because if for nothing else, I had a new toy. About thirty seconds later the button on the right turns green and the device makes another beeping sound. This means it’s ready for use. To use the Zeno you place the circular plastic tip against the targeted pimple or zit. Every thirty seconds the device will beep, letting you know thirty seconds have passed. After two and a half minutes the treatment cycle is done and you may remove the device from your face. Well, after I took it off my zit I had a huge red circle. I thought, great, not only will this not work, I’ll be Rudolph for the rest of the day. How wrong was IâÂ?¦ Within three hours all of the redness had subsided. Within twelve hours my pimple had reduced in size. I tried it again that night on the same spot. When I woke up in the morning my pimple was gone. It was truly amazing. I instantly fell in love with Zeno. Now, it wouldn’t be fair to say that all pimples disappear in 24 hours because that is just not realistic.

Zeno is most effective at stopping zit from breaking through the surface and forming true pimples. However, it can help reduce the swelling of pimple or cysts. In this regard it is comparable to a cortisone shot. Zeno works by heating the tip to a regulated and pre-set temperature. The heat transfers from the tip to your skin where it is absorbed by the bacteria under your skin which causes breakouts. This bacteria is then under heat stress and will be forced to self-destruct, thus erasing the problem and improving your skin condition.

The Zeno unit is battery operated but has a plug in charger. It comes with a replaceable tip which should be replaced every 90 treatment cycles. Additional tips can be purchased through any medical practitioner who carries the units. Check out the website myzeno.com for more information. Zeno is a wonderful product and will be of great help to those who have minor acne problems that they would love to fix before anyone else can ever notice them.

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