Abseiling and Rock Climbing in London

Abseiling is derived from a German word ‘abseilen’ which means ‘to rope down’. In America they call it rappelling. The climbers use this technique to climb on tricky cliffs and slopes that are too steep in order to avoid any serious accident or injury.

Abseiling is used to perform wide variety of applications like for climbing, for returning to the base of a climb or to a point where one can try a new route. It can also be done for fun or entertainment, as now there are several such clubs in major cities of different countries as aside from fun its also a very healthy activity.

Abseiling is also used in Caving and speleology to explore underground pitches and also adventure racing is included. They are also used in industrial/commercial applications in order to access different parts of structures or buildings. These efforts are made to carry out construction, maintenance and cleaning.

Small spaces are now also accessible due to abseiling techniques, such as looking into ballast tanks or other spots in ships. Most importantly in today’s modern world abseiling is used for rescue operations as well, for instance reaching the injured people or mishap sites. Through abseiling rescue workers extract the victims and provide them first aid.

Military also use abseiling technique to drop it’s troops from helicopter from a small heights in the battle field. This activity is used to have quick operations, as troops are dropped close to enemies’ sites with the help of this time.

Different abseiling techniques are now offered to the people of London as well. Below is the list of some of the abseiling service providers in the city.


  • 1

    Arrampica Vertical Adventures

    Arrampica is an Italian word which means 'To Climb'. Arrampica is one of the leading name in the list of the top abseiling service providers in U.K. They have also started providing services to the adventurous people of London. It is open from 08.30 until 17.30 Monday to Friday and 09.00 to Midday on Saturdays.

  • 2

    Vertical Chill Ice Wall

    As one can guess by it's name vertical chill provides abseiling services to climb an artificial ice wall, which is located in their facility, with an internal temperature of -5 degrees to -7 degrees.

  • 3

    The Castle Climbing Centre

    The Castle Climbing Centre is one of the prenmier indoor climbing centre in U.K. that recives more annual visits as compared to any other abseiling service provider in the country.

  • 4

    Rope Worx

    Rope Worx is a private company that provides abseiling maintenance services in London. Through this service the Rope Worx access the such buildings and places to carry our cleaning and maintenance work.

  • 5

    London Abseiling

    London Abseiling is another name in the list of the companies that are providing innovative and effective techniques to maintain and clean high buildings and difficult access places in London. London Abseiling is not just fully equipped with modern set of tools, they also have skilled technicians to meet the challenge.

  • 6

    Access All Areas

    Access All Areas has been providing it’s customers rope access services since 1997. Their major clients are not just regular property owners or industry people, AAA also caters maintenance companies.

  • 7

    AccessPro Abseiling

    AccessPro Abseiling is providing wide range of rope access services to different types of customers. The company has the speciality to adjust according to different tasks and environment.

  • 8

    K2 Structural Abseiling Services

    K2 Structural Abseiling Services is a well renowned name when it comes to window cleaning and coreing into large panels.

  • 9

    High Vision UK Limited

    High Vision UK Limited is another name in the field of the abseiling business that had earned a good repute in rope access.

  • 10

    City Abseiling Limited

    City Abseiling Limited is a reliable name in the abseiling line with a highly skilled and trained staff who are equipped with latest tools and techniques.

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