Acceptance Letter for Being a Guest

Being powerful and influential comes with great responsibility. If you are being honoured to be the guest of a conference, seminar, meeting or a workshop, then in either case, attending or not attending, one is obliged to respond. Both the scenarios have to be backed by proper justification, however, here we will only talk about writing an acceptance letter when honoured for being a guest.

When accepting the honour bestowed by the host, the guest basically has to acknowledge that he has understood what is expected of him at the event that he is invited to. You have to make the response appreciative so as to express that you are delighted on the host’s knowledge of your competency and superiority in the field.

Honours are considered as a blessing and are almost never backed by any monetary compensation, so the focal point of your response would be the understanding of the capacity that you are expected to fill. In order to clarify that, you will need to highlight the responsibilities once again.

Being graced with the honour means that you reflect gratitude through the message that you are sending in, showing uncalled for pride and confidence will impact only your own image in front of the rest and might even put a full stop to any future invitations.


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    Sample of an Acceptance Letter for Being a Guest

    Paul Nicholls

    321 West Avenue

    Dallas, Texas, 767


    16th January, 2011

    Oliver Frederick

    Main Block, 3676

    Chicago City, 989

    Dear Mr. Frederick,

    Many thanks for your offer of the guest for the conference that your company is holding for the grooming of team work sessions. I have spent a lot of time in the field and have only waited for the moment to use my research and knowledge for the help of the rest.

    I have set the activities and exercises, as you mentioned in the invite, that will keep high the interaction level of the audience.

    I consider it my duty to make the conference as constructive as is possible and I will also be up for answering any queries which the employees might have.

    Looking forward to the experience,

    Paul Nicholls

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    Template of an Acceptance Letter for Being a Guest

    Your Name

    Your Address

    Your Contact


    Name (Receiver)

    Address of the receiver

    Dear Mr. Last Name,

    I am highly indebted by your invite and the honour that you have bestowed upon me. I hope that it will be a yielding experience for both the parties.


    Your Name

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