Acceptance Letter for Birthday Party

Parties can be arranged at any time of the year, but birthday parties are extra special because they obviously come just once a year and one would want to throw the best one ever. So keeping yourself in the shoes of the host, try imagining how important will it be for him or her to know the confirmed guest list and that there are friends who are waiting and are also ready to help.

Parties like these also present the chance for people to get together specially if they have not seen one another since a while. Friends look forward for such events and are thrilled to make active contributions to the cause.

Many a times, friends themselves throw surprise parties for the friend who is going a year ahead.

Response to a birthday party invite will differ with varying age groups, however, some steps stay standard.

Staying by the following steps will keep the experience sweet and simple for you, the host and the rest of the guests too.


  • 1

    Start off with the accurate address of your friend and almost needless to say, do not mess up with the spellings of his/her name (unless you want a smaller piece of the cake)

  • 2

    Greet the friend with all the love in the world, after all it is going to be his/her day very soon.

  • 3

    Of course you would know the age of your friend so do not forget mentioning the number and your happiness over it. Continue with the fact that you waited for it the entire year and are glad that finally the day is nearby.

  • 4

    Wish your friend all the luck and prosperity for the coming year and for the party too. Make sure that you mention about such invites flowing in your way each year.

  • 5

    There is no harm in reminding your friend the way you people celebrated the party last year. In case you remember the things which went wrong and want them to be spot on this time, then toss in a reminder through the acceptance letter.

  • 6

    Do not forget to assure your friend that you will be right there for any help that might be required. Tell the friend that you will be available even before the birthday if the need arises.

  • 7

    In case you are a very close friend then you can even suggest revision in the guest list.

  • 8

    Close the letter on a thanking and looking forward note.

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