Admissions Counselor Cover Letter

Admission counselors are responsible for guiding students through the admissions process at a university or college. The job is perfect for people who are both passionate and experienced with educational management and systems.

If you have the relevant experience and want to apply for a vacancy, you’ll need to write a cover letter as per the instructions in this guide. You can also use the sample and template we have provided for reference when writing your own letter.

Tips for Writing an Admissions Counselor Cover Letter


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    Keep the letter formal and concise
    Start by referring to the position advertised and how you found out about it
    Mention why you feel you are an ideal candidate for the position
    List your qualifications and relevant work experience
    Attach required documents and references with the letter
    Sign the hardcopy of the letter before sending

    Sample of an Admissions Counselor Cover Letter

    Joanna Smith
    University of Leads
    Leeds LS2 9JT


    Rachael K.
    Birmingham University
    Edgbaston, Birmingham
    B15 2TT
    United Kingdom

    Dear Rachael,

    I am writing in to apply for the position of Admissions Counselor in Birmingham University, as advertised on I strongly believe that my work experience as a counselor at University of Leeds makes me an ideal candidate for this position.

    This is my 10th year at Leeds, and my track record has been outstanding (references attached). My strong communication skills and the ability to build a rapport with students have been instrumental in my success over the years.

    I have been engaging with and recruiting around 7,500 candidates per year for Leeds, and my efforts have resulted in an increase of over 10% for student retention in our university.

    Now I feel like taking up a bigger challenge at Birmingham and delivering even better results.

    Kindly consider my resume (attached with this letter) and references at your convenience and let me know if you need any further information.

    Hoping to receive a positive response from you and speak in person.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Joanna Smith


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    Template of an Admissions Counselor Cover Letter

    Sender’s Name
    Sender’s Address

    Date: dd/mm/yy

    Receiver’s Name
    Receiver’s Address

    Dear (Receiver’s name),

    I would like to express my strong interest in the advertised position of Admissions Counselor at (University/College Name). Given my work history, experience and qualifications, I am confident that I can successfully deliver the requirements of this position.

    I am currently working as a counselor at (Name of current University/College), where I process around (Number of students processed in a year). I am also in charge of (Additional responsibilities), which provides me an edge over other candidates.

    My efforts and work at (Current University Name) have borne positive results for the institution, as our student retention rate went up by (Percentage) last year alone.

    I will be obliged if you take out some time and evaluate my education and experience, as per the resume and references attached with this letter.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you and Best Regards,

    Sender’s Signatures
    (Sender’s Name)

    Enclosures:(Number of documents attached)

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