Amersham Tube Station London

Amersham tube station is located far away from Centre point of London and serves as terminal point of London Metropolitan Line and National Rail. It is approximately 37.8 kilometer away from Charring Cross. Tube station was started in 1892, when Great Central Railway (GCR) laid down a line to provide an extension from Chalfont Road to Aylesbury. But in 1921, GCR came under the system of London & North Eastern Railway and Met went under control of London Passenger Transport Board, which turned this line into Metropolitan Line of London Underground. Since then, it has been a major tube station in travel card zone 9 and serves about 1.29 million commuters annually. Station is providing entrance and exit pathways from the Chiltern Avenue. It also offers various facilities which include toilets, cash machines, payphones, car parking, help points, bridge, waiting room and gates.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    If you are living in the vicinity of this station or using it for travel purpose across London and you wish to visit any restaurant or coffee shop to fulfill your appetite. This location is an ideal place, because it offers well reputed and popular restaurants and coffee shops.

    Ken's Beijing
    The Coriander
    Santhi Restaurant
    The Rose & Crown
    The Swan
    The Partridge and Pear
    The Bull Hotel

    Coffee Shop
    Costa Coffee
    Cafe Africa
    The Drawingroom
    Caffe Nero
    Starbucks Coffee Co
    Anns Party
    Rumbles Patri
    Brazil's Cafe
    Brown Sugar

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    Clubs & Bars

    This place can serve as a heaven for all night life lovers, because it exhibits a large number of clubs and bars. Customers can enjoy the specialties of these clubs and bars.

    Boot & Slipper
    Brow Bar
    Red Lion
    The Blue Ball
    The Queen's Head
    Chequers Inn with Bed and Breakfast

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    Hotels & Accommodation

    If you wish to stay a little longer in Amersham town, you will be looking for hotel or accommodation that not only suits your mood, but also lie in the nearby area of the station.

    Cherry Trees
    Saracens Head Inn
    The Kings Arms Hotel
    The Crown Hotel
    Thames Cook Hotel
    Saint Catherin's Bed and Breakfast
    De Vere Venues Latimer Place
    White Hart
    Missenden Abbay
    Chartridge Conference Centre

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    Sights and Attractions

    Amersham tube station itself is worth-watching. Still, it has a number of sights and attractions like museums, galleries, parks and ancient churches in its surroundings.

    Leisure Places
    Nexus Community
    King George’s Field
    Harvines Garden
    Am 2 Pm

    Sights and Attractions
    Amersham Museum
    The Amersham Fair Organ Museum
    Hervines Park
    Barn Meadow Recreation Ground
    Vintage Movie Posters

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    Schools and Colleges

    Number of educational institutions are working in the quiet and serene atmosphere of Amersham town. These include primary schools, colleges and language institutes. Here are some of the institutes that are working in the proximity to this station.

    Buckinghamshire Education Business Partnership (BEBP)
    Amersham & Wycombe College
    Mitchell Walk Playgroup
    Dr Challoner’s Grammar School
    Spanish Language Academy
    IT Solutions
    Toddlers 2000
    Holmer Green Senior School

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    Gift & Bookshops

    Book lovers can find a number of book shops near Amersham tube station. In addition; a huge number of gift shops that are working near this station give value to those customers, who are looking forward to gift something to their loved ones, relatives, kids or someone special.

    Twist in the Tale
    Waterstone's Booksellers Ltd
    Temptation Gifts Ltd
    Watson Charles Ltd
    Ethic Trade LLP

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    Health & Beauty Services

    Number of well reputed beauty salons and fitness centres are working in this area. However, it will always be better idea for you to know the nearest services to the Amersham station.

    Amersham Hospital
    Amersham Chiropractic Clinic
    Oasis Dental Care Ltd
    Llyods Pharmacy
    The Indoor Climbing Centre

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    Emergency Services

    Station is located in a somewhat serene and safe environment, but it does not mean that you cannot have any problem. Therefore, it is a better idea to have some knowledge about the nearest emergency service providers that can offer you quick and immediate help.

    Police Station
    Thames Valley Police
    Amersham Police Station

    Fire Station
    Amersham Fire Station

    Ambulance Service
    St John Ambulance
    Amersham Ambulance Station

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    Hospitals & Clinics

    There is only one hospital to serve the small population of Amersham town. However, there are many private and government clinics in this area. If you need some medical attention, then you can set an appointment in the clinics and hospitals that are given below.

    Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust
    Amersham Dental Care
    Amersham, Chiropractic Clinic
    Amersham Healthcentre
    Orchard Clinic for Complementary Medicine

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    Shops & Amenities

    Commuter or passenger always welcome such shops that are on the exit or the start of a journey. These shops are circled around the tube stations in London. Amersham Tube Station London also fulfill the requirements of the people who pass in or out from the tube.

    Dees Cycles
    The Entertainer Toy Shop
    Amersham Angling Centre
    Dancers Boutique
    Maurices Pet Shop
    Hawkins and Sons
    Hammonds Furniture Ltd
    Floral Creations

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    Childcare Centres

    The residents of this area are not lucky, because there is only one childcare centre that is working closer to Amersham tube station.


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    Meeting Venues

    Amersham Tube Station has a large number of banquettes and meetings venues in its surrounding area. Many of these are hotels providing rooms for meetings while others are specialised conference centres that have good reputation among the residents of the Buckinghamshire, the area where the Amersham Tube Station is working.

    Executive Offices Group
    Ellicis Hotels
    Woodrow High House

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