Angel Tube Station London

Angel tube station is a popular spot for theater goers in London. The underground station provides access to the many fringe theaters in Islington, an area of the city that has many creative productions.The tube stop, which was constructed back in 1901, is also regularly used by commuters making their way to the famous Chapel market. Angel tube station derived its name from a pub located near by known as the Angel Inn. Today, there are numerous pubs and bars close to the station and the turnstiles of the stop are busy late night with party goers making their way to the exciting nightlife in the area. The convenient tube station runs on the Northern line and is part of Travelcard Zone 1, whereas Upper Street provides direct entrance and exit pathways to the ticket hall.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    The neighbourhood surrounding Angel tube station has a good repute of having some of the top restaurants and eateries in London. These venues see a lot of traffic before or after theater productions and club parties.

    The Angelic
    The Charles Lamb Pub and Kitchen
    The Compass
    The York
    Angel Kebab
    The Star of Kings
    The Lexington
    The Breakfast Club
    The Island Queen
    The Nags head

    Coffee Shops
    Candid Café
    Pret A Manger
    Angel Inn
    Pasta & Expresso
    Patisserie Bliss
    Café Net
    Alpino Cafe
    Kipferl Ltd
    Paul A Young Fine Chocolates
    S & M

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    Clubs & Bars

    The Angel tube stop area is well known for its pubs and bars. Some traditional pubs still line the streets as newer more hip venues have also emerged. Fans of dance and music can also find several night clubs in the area.

    O2 Academy
    The Arc
    99 Club Islington
    The Nags Head
    The York
    Round Midnight
    Islington Metal
    The Chapel Bar

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    Hotels & Accommodation

    Visitors to the Angel tube station may want to stay a couple of days to enjoy all the sights and sounds of Islington. Therefore, several great hotels and accommodations can be chosen for a temporary stay.

    Hilton London Islington Hotel
    Jurys Inn Islington
    Premier Inn London Islington Green
    Holiday Inn
    Travelodge Hotel
    Comfort Inn Kings Cross
    Swinton Hotel
    St Marks
    The Zetter

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    Sights and Attractions

    The area surrounding Angel station, contains some great museums and attractions for the commuters travelling through this rapid transit.

    Leisure Places
    Vue Cinema Islington
    Virgin Active
    Fitness First
    Old Red Lion Theatre
    Islington Boat Club
    Regents Canoe Club
    Everyman Screen on the Green
    Barnard Park Adventure Playground
    Culpeper Community Garden
    Barnard Park

    Sights and Attractions
    Islington Visitor Moorings
    London Canal Museum
    Rod Barton
    The Museum of The Order of St John
    Culpeper Community Garden
    The Charles Dickens Museum
    Everyman Screen on the Green

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    Schools & Colleges

    Every neighborhood in London has a good number of schools, colleges and universities. Therefore, visitors will also find educational institutes for children and adults near the area surrounding this underground station.

    Islington Centre For English
    City University
    Kaplan International College London

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    Gift & Bookshops

    Commuters can also purchase books, gifts and other accessories from the numerous gift and book shops in the area, in case they are on their way to a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.

    Amwell Book
    Waterstone's Booksellers Ltd
    Zed Books
    Clerkenwell Tales Bookshop
    Housmans Bookshop
    Labour Of Love Ltd

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    Health & Beauty Services

    Busy schedules make it difficult to look after yourself, therefore health and beauty venues near Angel underground station make it easier for you to stop over and get some facial treatments, haircuts and fulfill other beauty requirements.

    Pilates HQ
    Benefit Cosmetics
    Samantha Norman Wedding Make-up and Hair
    Virgin Active
    Fitness First
    The Chapel
    Toni & Guy
    Islington Primary Care Trust
    Pearle Agency

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    Emergency Services

    While travelling, it is a good thing to know the closest emergency service providers in the area you are staying. If you have accommodations near Angel underground station, then you can find police and fire services close at hand in case of an emergency.

    Shoreditch Police Station
    Islington Fire Station
    Islington Police Station
    Kingcross Police Station
    Shoreditch Police Station
    Euston Police Station

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    Hospitals & Clinics

    Many hospitals and clinics lie in a mile proximity to this London underground, in case if your need to seek an urgent medical attention, do keep track of the following medical centres.

    Islington Primary Care Trust
    Eastman Dental Hospital
    Royal National Throat
    Nose and Ear Hospital
    Great Ormond Street Hospital
    Tatami Health

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    Shops & Amenities

    Shopping for clothes, house hold items and other accessories can easily be done at a shopping mall. The Islington neighborhood has some excellent malls that can easily be accessed from the Angel tube station.

    N1 Islington
    Brunswick Centre
    Marks and Spencer
    Zee & Co
    Ernest Jones
    London Farmers' Markets
    Chapel Market
    Camden Passage Islington
    Culpeper Community Garden
    Camley Street Natural Park

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    Childcare Centres

    Working parents that are living in central London may find it hard to look after their children, while at work. In order to make their lives easier, many childcare and daycare centres are provided near Angel tube station.

    Hopes and Dreams Montessori Nursery School
    Mars Montessori Bilingual Nursery
    Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery

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    Meeting Venues

    When conducting business, entrepreneurs and owners need a well maintained and equipped space or hall to meet and entertain guests. Inmost cases the office facilities that most companies or businesses have are not adequate to accommodate visitors. That is why conference halls, meeting venues and banquet halls are the best option.

    Business Design Centre Ltd
    The Hub Islington
    The Window Venue Hire
    The Office Group
    Megaro Hotel
    The Space Centre
    Offices Please
    Islington Assembly Hall

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