Apple and Samsung Collectively Enjoy 90% of Profit

A new report released by ABI Research has stated that Samsung and Apple took in 90 percent of profits generated from the overall global smarphone sales in the first quarter of 2012. This is an interesting figure when it is compared to the fact that Samsung and Apple have shipped only 55% of the total smartphones ordered this year. The market for smartphones is expanding rapidly and has recently shown a 40 percent growth rate from last year but other manufacturers do not seem to be getting much out of this expansion.

The ABI Research report sheds light onto the smartphone market with other interesting figures and data. The market intelligence company report shows that the marketplace is at a very interesting place in time and the different players are moving in directions that not many would have predicted. For example, Samsung and Sony have shown to be the only manufacturers that have had sequential growth in shipments. Another interesting bit of news that has surprised many is that Research In Motion (RIM), the makers of BlackBerry, are forecasted to pass Nokia in shipments. The two mobile manufacturers have seen a recent fall in their stature with RIM in the news for massive cuts and losses. The report indicates that even though RIM will jump ahead of Nokia, it has seen a 20 percent drop in shipments while the Finnish mobile maker has seen a massive 40 percent decline.

The big picture and Samsung and Apple’s domination becomes even more clear when the total number of shipments are scrutinized. The South Korean Manufacturer of Galaxy SIII has dominated in the first quarter of 2012 with 43 million shipments worldwide. California based Apple is not far behind with approximately 35 million units being shipped, but Nokia and RIM are at the back of the pack with no hope. ABI Research estimates that Nokia has shipped 11.9 million smartphone units while the Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry has made 11.1 million shipments. Sony and Huawei are almost non-existent in the market and at the last spots.

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