Apple Wants Us Courts to Ban Samsung Galaxy SIII Sales

Apple, maker of the popular iPhone, has asked a California court to stop the sale of Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung’s latest smartphone, Galaxy SIII, in the US. The reasoning behind the request is that Apple believes the latest smartphone offering from Samsung infringes on at least two patents the California company holds. The South Korean company hit back on Thursday, June 7 and stated that it would continue the launch of its Galaxy SIII as planned.

This suit is not the first time Samsung and Apple have seen each other in court and the legal battles between Apple and Samsung started last year when Apple filed complaints against the Korean firm in April. To date the two rivals are entangled in 30 patent law suits spanning 10 countries. Recently, the court in the US directed the two companies to sit down and resolve their disputes. The companies complied and the head of the firms got together state side but no conclusion was reached.

The Samsung device in question has become a huge hit in smartphone market all over the world when it was recently released. Selling 9 million units on pre-order boosted the smart-phone as the most bought device on the planet. Apple got a hold of the latest Galaxy SIII when it was launched in the UK and after investigating they concluded that the touch screen phone violated patent laws because it infringed on two out of four Apple patents.

The Galaxy SIII manufacturer claims that it did not violate any patents and has created a unique and innovative device. They believe that there is no resemblance between the iPhone and Samsung and that Apples actions will do nothing but delay US consumers getting their hands on the Galaxy SIII.

The patent wars have heated up ever since analysts revealed that Samsung had surpassed Apple as the largest seller of smartphones. The Korean company not only conquered the smartphone sector they had also beaten Nokia and become the biggest seller of mobile phones in the world.

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