Best Valentine Poems for Husband

Valentine’s Day is one time of the year when couples and partners express their love for one another in the most uninhibited ways possible, setting aside all apprehensions that they may have in articulating their feelings. Poems have widely been used as expressions of love over the centuries. The pioneer of English Language, William Shakespeare, himself, was a great poet and his love poems are still not only relevant but in particular demand. This article goes out to all the ladies out there, because it lists down a few poems which will make husbands feel special on Valentine’s Day, reigniting that spark that may have been missing all this while!


  • 1

    I just wanna tell you, is a well written illustration of how much you yearn for your husband’s presence and how important he is to brighten up your life. His mere existence is comforting and his thoughts dominate your mind. The original poem written by Krissy can be found at Poemslovers’ website

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    My Husband, is rated 9.3 out of 10 by users, showing how popular this poem is amongst them. It is a depiction in words of how a woman holds her husband and son dear to her as she explains how similar they are to each other. This original poem written by Naida Supnet can be found at PoemHunter’s website.

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    To my Husband, is a portrayal of a woman’s love and sincerity to her husband. For anyone who wants to show how blessed they are to have the husband they do, this poem will articulate those feelings in a heart-touching poem. The original poem written by M Heale can be found at Scrapbook’s website.

  • 4

    My First Love, is a poem that reflects the passions with which the poet wrote it, signifying her emotions at that time. The original poem written by Katia Kanevskaya can be found at 1lovepoems's website.

  • 5

    When you’re gone away, is the poem to refer to if your husband had to leave somewhere on Valentine’s Day and you miss his existence around you. The original poem written by Brandi Rose can be found at Lovelifepoem’s website.

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    Love poems for Him presents, a beautiful short poem written in the context of a wife who wishes to be his till eternity. This poem is perfect to be written on a greeting card. The original poem by Pearl Aman can be found at Mydearvalentine’s website.

  • 7

    You are the reason, lists out the reasons of ‘him’ making her feel good. It is written in a easy to understand poetic way. The original poem by K.Y. Brevard can be found at Beautiful-love-quotes’s website.

  • 8

    Why I love you, is self explanatory by its title. Why do you love your husband? If you want to illustrate that in a poem, this is the poem to use. The original poem written by Martin Dejnicki can be found at pretty love poem’s website.

  • 9

    Since the first day we met, is a description of how a wife feels about her husband and his love. Just because of his love, she wakes up with a smile every morning. Perfect to be presented on Valentine’s Day to make your husband feel special. The original poem written by the user Aslionline can be found at Love Poems From Heart’s website

  • 10

    It is you I Dream of, covers all the feelings and emotions one feels in love, starting from how it felt before your beloved walked in your life to how it feels now. The original poem written by J.R King can be found at Love Poem and Quote’s website.

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