Bow Road Tube Station London

The Bow Road tube station is located at the eastern flank of the City of London. This subway station, which has two platforms, was opened in 1902 and is served by two lines. These are the District Line and Hammersmith and City Line. The Hammersmith and City line takes commuters towards Barking or towards Hammersmith, while the District line extends towards Upminster or towards Ealing.

The entrance to the tube station is directly accessible from  Bow Road, which also serves as the exit point. The tube station is equipped with all the facilities required for handicapped individuals, including escalators, dog assistance, and facilities for people who are hard of hearing.

Since the tube station is surrounded by commercial setups,  visitors and residents of the area can easily enjoy the variety of nightclubs, shops, tourist attractions, and restaurants that are available in the area, in addition to making use of facilities like educational institutes, etc. Places to explore near Bow Road Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops:

    Whether you prefer take-away or dine-ins, you can easily find a wide array of restaurants and coffee shops offering delightful fare at affordable prices within one mile's distance of the Bow Road tube station.

    Mighty Bite
    Greedy Cow
    McDonald's Bow Flyover
    Zain's Restuarant & Grill
    Sunstar Food & Wine

    Coffee Shops:
    Roastars Coffee Co.
    Mighty Bite
    Gardiners Sandwich Shop
    Cafe Mee Shee
    Cafe Mondo
    Menny's Cafe

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    Clubs & Bars:

    Clubs and bars abound on Bow road, and are also plentiful in the rest of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets area. Located within one mile's distance, several good venues are available where one can either dance the night away, or get a couple of drinks and relax.

    The Little Driver
    The Coborn Arms
    AudiopleXus Mastering Studio
    Paisa Nightclub
    The Crown Pub and Dining Rooms

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    Hotels & Accommodation:

    Those seeking accommodation  in the Bow road area can choose from many comfortable and affordable options. Several excellent hotels with a lovely ambiance are available right near the Bow road tube station.

    City Stay Hotel Ltd
    Holiday In A Hurry
    City View Hotel
    Old Friend
    Kings Arms Guest House

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    Sights and Attractions:

    Many tourist attractions and scenic parks grace the area around the Bow Road tube station. Some parks and attractions within one mile of the tube station include:

    Mile End Park
    Ragged School Museum
    Chisenhale Gallery
    The House Mill
    Victoria Park

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    Schools & Colleges:

    Educational institutes, much like all other amenities, are available in abundance in the area surrounding the Bow Road tube station. If you are seeking quality education, then you may choose from a variety of institutes that can be found within walking distance of the Bow Road tube station.

    Wellington Primary School
    Central Foundation Girls' School
    Bow School of Maths and Computing
    Tower Hamlets Professional Developement Centre
    Queen Mary University of London
    E College London

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    Gift & Bookshops:

    Many gift shops and bookstores can be found around the Bow Road area. However, within walking distance from the tube station, there are only a couple of shops that serve this purpose.

    Bonita Flores
    John Smith's Bookshop

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    Health & Beauty Services:

    Be it hair and beauty salons, or  fitness centres,  the Bow Road area has multiple options which you can choose from. Some of these shops and centres are in very close proximity to the tube station.

    Eos Beauty Hair Domain
    Albany Slimming Clinics
    East London Beauty Academy
    Beauty Magic

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    Emergency Services:

    A good number of fire stations and police stations are available in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets area. However, only a couple of fire stations are located within one mile's distance from the Bow Road tube station.

    Bow Fire Station
    Eton Fire
    Bow Police Station
    Limehouse Police Station
    Bethnal Green Police Station
    British Transport Police Station
    Stratford Police Station

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    Hospitals & Clinics:

    Clinics and hospitals providing medical and health related facilities are present throughout the London Borough of Tower Hamlets region. Several good clinics are located within one mile's distance of the Bow Road tube station.

    Dental Surgery
    Masson-Rana S Dr
    PDSA Pet Aid Hospital
    St Andrews Health Centre
    Mile End Hospital

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    Shopping malls:

    Although no grand shopping malls are present within one mile of the Bow Road tube station, some good shops and convenience stores do grace the area with their presence.

    Budgens Stores Ltd
    Soothe Me

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    Childcare Centres:

    Childcare centres are one of the many amenities that have grown astoundingly in popularity in today's developed and modern cities. A variety of good and reliable childcare centres are located within one mile's distance of the Bow Road tube station.

    Pillar Box Montessori Nursery School
    Mile End Nursery & Playgroup
    Lincoln Hall Pre School
    Queen Mary Childrens Centre
    Bow Childcare
    Ranwell Playgroup
    Ocean Sure Start
    Gene Childcare & Education Co UK Ltd

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