How to build trust in a long distance relationship

First things first you can’t blame a person for not having that “full trust” of you in a long distance relationship or if you’re not giving the trust – as you cannot physically see the person it gets a lot harder for that trust to build at a rapid pace that you expect normally… But don’t get frustrated as we make it a lot easier for you with this Step By Step guide.


  • 1

    Show your character

    Try to be as expressive as possible over the phone or Skype, show your character naturally that human being that you are… smile and be extra talkative but most importantly when your lost distance partner is feeling down the best thing you can do is comfort them, show them you care even if you’re not right besides them you can make them feel like you’re right there.

  • 2

    Time and space

    The last thing you want to show is that you’re possessive, give him/her the space show that you’re not squeezing them by your throat even not being there because if you show obsession even before you met them… well, they’re going to wonder how worse it would be if you were actually besides them.

  • 3

    Freedom of speech

    don’t think about how to be dominant or think you’re always right… give him/her that moment to speak their mind and express their feelings or any scenarios they’re going through…. Talk back politely if you do not agree with something as chances are you will not be heard when you’re angry.

  • 4

    Relationships are always about compromise

    Especially when you’re in a long distance relationship, that’s when you must compromise even more – you must look at your relationship like a building with 2 pillars… the 2 pillars is you and your partner if one of you breaks the whole building collapses just like your relationship if you do not compromise with each other then you are putting your relationship at serious risk,

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