Canning Town Tube Station London

Canning Town Tube station is one of the oldest tube stations of London underground serving the Jubilee line and its opening dates back to 1847. Serving fare zone 3; the area of Canning Town remained underdeveloped as no proper education system and infrastructure was provided. Due to being underdeveloped and mostly a residential area, it stands as one of the less frequently visited and less attractive areas for tourists too. Talking about the facilities that the station has to offer; there is assisted and non-assisted wheel chair access along with push chairs for parents. The station also assists mobility impaired people and provides staff assistance as well. In order to reach the station, you have to either enter via the bus station entrance or Canning Town flyover entrance. Both these entrances require almost 90 meters walk on foot. Places to explore near Canning Town Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops:

    The Canning town tube station has restaurants nearby where you can enjoy quality meals and drinks in low budget; as the restaurants and coffee shops here are not as expensive as in some other parts of London.


    Fat Boys Diner
    The Fifth Deck Restaurant
    Thames Clippers
    Hotel ibis London Docklands
    Nakhon Thai
    BBQ Express
    George's Cafe
    Caribbean Scene Royale

    Coffee Shops:

    Titanic Café
    George's Café
    The Fox At Excel
    Canning Town Cafe
    Cafe Divote
    Squires Cafe & African Restaurant
    Holiday Inn Express Royal Docks Docklands
    Costa Coffee at Thames Clippers

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    Clubs & Bars:

    If you are looking for some place to have fun and party, you can always pay a visit to one of clubs and bars nearby. The clubs and bars near Canning town tube station include the following listed, which are located within 1 mile distance.


    The Hallsville Tavern
    Ordnance Arms
    The Hallsville Tavern

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    Hotels & Accommodation:

    If you have a plan to stay in one of the hotels and accommodation places around the tube, you can choose one from the below listed because they are reputed to provide comfort and reasonability in terms of prices.


    Hotel Ibis London Docklands
    Crowne Plaza London Docklands
    Radisson Edwardian New Providence Wharf


    Anchor House
    Corona Apartments

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    Sights and Attractions:

    If you're going to stay at one of the hotel or accommodation places near the tube, make sure to visit one of the following sights and attractions and make your trip even more relaxing and memorable than it would otherwise be.

    Keir Hardie Recreation Ground
    Star Lane Park
    Bow Creek Ecology Park
    Road Park
    L  I F T (theater)
    Thames Clippers

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    Schools & Colleges:

    Education plays an integral part in broadening people's intellectual horizons. If you're planning to settle near Caning Town tube station. you may want to gain the services of one of the following institutes.


    Ravensbourne College
    YMCA George Williams College
    M & L
    Learning Sure Solutions

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    Gift & Bookshops:

    Whether you're fond of reading or there's a need to buy a gift for your loved one while you're near the tube, you must visit one of the below listed gift and bookshops to get your money's worth back.

    Gift shops:

    Thang Tho
    Dianne Davies
    P I Network
    Card Wise

    Book shops:

    HIS WORD Christian Bookshop
    Glory House
    Bibliophile Books

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    Health & Beauty:

    Everyone strives to look good and be in perfect shape. And that's where a need for the provision of health and beauty services come in, which the health and beauty providers around Canning Town Tube Station adequately fulfill.


    Peacock Gymnasium
    East River Spa
    Balaam Leisure Centre


    Capri Hair & Beauty
    His Grace.

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    Emergency Services:

    Emergency services strive to provide you with a peace of mind. If anyone feels threatened around the Canning Town Tube Station around, they can immediately inform the police.

    Police Station:

    Metropolitan Police Service
    Plaistow Police Station
    Poplar Police Station
    Limehouse Police Station
    Isle of Dogs Police Station
    East Ham Police Station

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    Hospitals & clinics:

    People who are in need of medical help and and want to consult a specialized doctor, or go for a regular checkup, can contact one of the clinics mentioned below.


    Sunny Smiles Dental Practice
    Appleby Centre
    The Aberfeldy Practice.

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    Childcare Centres:

    If you want someone to take care of your kids while you are away working somewhere, you can contact the following child care centres which have just the expertise.

    My Nursery
    Learning Fountain
    The Community Child Care Service
    Small Steps Pre-school
    Step By Step Childrens Centre

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