Complaint Email to Boss

If you are having a problem with a colleague or not happy about something at work, then the best thing to do is to talk to your boss about it. In most companies, standard operation procedures (SOP) require an employee to communicate with the boss via email only instead of walking straight into their office and discussing the issue face-to-face.

While writing a complaint email to the boss, you should clearly mention the purpose of email in the first paragraph.

In the next paragraph, go into the details of whatever it is that you are writing to your boss about so that he can gain a complete understanding of the issue.

In the final paragraph, make a request to your boss to take an appropriate action to resolve the issue.


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    Sample of a Complaint Email to Boss

    May 14, 2013

    Respected Sir,

    Subject: Complaint about my supervisor Mr. Bill Murray who is in charge of the Football and Cricket news desk.

    Sir, I wish to lodge a complaint against my supervisor Mr. Bill Murray regarding his negligence towards his duties. It is clear that he seems to lack respect for our news agency, which is why he is not performing his duties properly. I have been observing his attitude for quite some time now. Initially, I thought that maybe I am thinking too much. However, other writers are beginning to notice his ignorance towards work as well and are really concerned about its effect on our over-all quality of work.

    Mr. Murray has been spending way too much time playing Farmville on Facebook. Instead of going through our work himself, he has been transferring his duties to one of our female colleagues Miss Sarah Becker. Miss Becker seems to know nothing about journalism and has been rejecting our news stories without merit, offering ridiculous justifications.

    Sir, it is my humble plea to you to look into the matter as soon as possible. My morale has gone down a lot in the recent weeks and I am beginning to lose my motivation to write superb news stories. Other writers are beginning to feel the same way as well. I hope you will look into the matter at your earliest convenience.

    Thanking you,

    Larry Flint
    Senior writer for cricket and football desk

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    Template of a Complaint Email to Boss

    To: [Recipient’s Email Address]
    [Designation and department]

    Respect Sir,

    Subject: [Summary of complaint]

    Sir, with great respect for you and the organisation, I wish to bring to your attention that [Name] has gotten extremely non-serious about his/her work, which in turn is affecting the performance and productivity of the entire department.

    [Name] has been showing up for work late and even after he/she does arrive at the office, he/she does not take work seriously. I have been observing this attitude of his/hers for two weeks now. There seems to be no improvement in his/her attitude towards work.

    Sir, I request you to look into this issue at your earliest convenience and sort everything out. My colleagues are losing their patience with [Name].

    Thanking you,

    [Sender’s Name]
    [Designation and department]
    [Sender’s Email Address]

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