Condolence Email to Friend

Condolence or sympathy email is written to a person who has lost something or someone with a view to let him know that you are sorry over the mishap and also that your support is there with the victim.

In the opening paragraph of your email, you should mention the reason that forced you to write your friend a condolence email. It can be the death of your friend’s relation and you should mention it in the opening paragraph.

In the following paragraph, you should mention that the deceased person’s good things that he or she had done to you in life. Include any experience that you have with the deceased person which will make it effective that you are also feeling sorry for the mishap and it will help in supporting your friend.

In this paragraph, you should let your friend know that you are with him and that he is not alone at this difficult time. Ensure him you support and also let him know that you are always there if he needs any help.

You should start the end your condolence email with proper salutations because it adds value to the write up and makes it well composed.


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    Sample of Condolence Email to Friend


    Subject: Condolence for the mishap

    Dear James Russell,

    I have just heard about the death of your mother and I am feeling terribly sad for this regrettable incident. I do not have words to explain how much this sad news has hurt me. Though words cannot hold the power to heal this loss but I am writing this email to you to make you feel better.

    Your mother was very kind to everyone and she has been very affectionate towards me. She was very nice with all of us and has been doing great things to make you and all of your friends happy. She was a true mother and we will never forget her.

    However, as it is the will of God and one cannot do anything against it. Being the elder son, you should support your younger siblings at this hard time. I am always with you in this time of grief and I shall always be there if you need any help. I pray that may God give patience to you and your family members at this hard time.

    Yours sincere friend,

    Franklin Martin

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    Template of Condolence Email to Friend

    To, [Email address of your friend]

    Subject [Subject of the email]

    Dear [Friend’s name],

    It is very hard for me express my heartache in words after listening the news of the death of your [relation of your friends]. It is a great loss not only for you but for all of use as well.

    [Name of the deceased person] has been very nice to all of us as he or she behaved to all of us in a dearly manner and we will miss him or her for the rest of our life.

    I am always there with you at this difficult time and do not hesitate to ask any sort of support that you want from me. May [deceased person’s name] soul rest in peace and May God give you strength to bear this grief.

    Yours sincere friend

    [Your Name]

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