How to Deal with a Toddler’s Tantrums

One of the biggest issues new parents face is their toddler’s tantrums. No matter where you are, at a friend’s place, at a cinema or at a party, toddler’s can make life hell for you if they start a tantrum. Doctors believe toddler tantrums have several causes, like frustration, wanting attention and lacking the verbal skills to convey their messages. If you are truly sick and tired of your toddler’s screaming, banging, dragging and shouting, keep reading this article to find out how you can deal with his/her tantrums.


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    The first step in dealing with your toddler’s tantrums is to identify the cause behind it. When he/she does throw a tantrum, look at the surroundings and the situation to find out the reason behind it. You can consider the time of the day, your toddler’s feeding habits or any recent changes in the environment. It might be that your child is hungry, or is seeking attention in the presence of another child.

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    It is advised that you keep a notebook and note down your toddler’s habits. You can write down feeding times and instances when your toddler throws a tantrum. Later on you can try to recreate the situation at home to see if your toddler reacts in the same way. This can help you in isolating the troubling factor and consequently dealing with it in future.

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    If your toddler starts a tantrum, don’t be angry or mad at him/her. Instead, try to give him/her options and ways out of any issues he/she is facing. Being provided with choices can make your toddler stop and consider what he/she wants to do.

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    Another method is to work against your toddler’s tantrums. For instance, if you know that your toddler is throwing a tantrum to get your attention, ignore him/her. If you give attention to his/her tantrum you will motivate such behavior in the future and set a negative precedent. Once your toddler learns that negative behavior will not be tolerated, he/she will gradually stop the tantrums.

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    If you feel your toddler is frustrated, be soft and show sympathy to calm him/her down. If you think it has to do with a puzzle, an unreachable object or something that is annoying your toddler, try helping him/her with the problem and solving it.

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    The environment or surroundings can also bother your toddler, and if you feel this is the case, you can try taking him/her to another place. It might be that your toddler is annoyed by the noise or hustle bustle and needs some peace and quiet. Likewise, your toddler might need to sleep and you should tuck him/her in bed to stop the tantrum.

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