Difference Between Beer and Malt Liquor

For centuries, people have been enjoying alcoholic beverages and developed special kind of affinity for countless brands and varieties. Beer and malt liquor belong to the category of drinks that have earned a respectable position in the alcohol industry all over the world.

Though, they look quite similar but subtle differences make a distinction. They differ in fermentation as beer is both top and bottom fermented whereas malt liquor is only bottom fermented.

Moreover, beer comprises less alcohol as compared to malt liquor. Beer also has a bitter taste but malt liquor has a tinge of spice. Last but not the least; malt liquor is cheaper than the beer.


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    Beer has four main ingredients, yeast, hops, malt and water. Not even a single ingredient is less important in the making of beer. It contains 5 percent of alcohol which gives it a bitter taste.

    The manufacturing process can be divided into two stages, malting and brewing. Malting is the process of soaking, heating and stopping the growth of grain. Usually, barley, wheat, rye and oats are used in this process. This procedure requires years of experience and certain kind of skills. That is why most of the brewers get readymade malt.

    In the process of brewing, the brewers begin with getting right proportion of all the ingredients. After weighing the ingredients, they mill the malt and start heating the grains. After mashing, they collect the wort and boil it for two to three hours. This boiling procedure is followed a heat exchanging process in which the temperature of wort rapidly drops to 80 degrees.

    Then the beer is transferred off the yeast bed into another vessel. During this secondary fermentation, beer becomes more perfect as the carbonation develops. Finally, the brewers filter the beer to make it clearer and then transfer it into the serving vessel.

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    Malt Liquor:

    Malt liquor is type of beer that contains high amount of alcohol. It varies from 12 to 15 percent. However, due to its ingredients it lacks the bitterness and that is why some people think that it is substandard for a hard drinker. This is not right as malt liquor has also earned admiration all over the world.

    The best thing is that you can make it easily at home. All you need to do is to boil five gallons of water, add six pounds of brown sugar and then black molasses in the mixture. Set aside to cool and store it for couple of months.

    Image Courtesy: wikimedia.org

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