Difference between Frustration and Anger

There are a huge number of people who consider frustration and anger as the same thing that both of these words can be used interchangeably. There is no doubt that these two terms are very difficult to differentiate from each other but there are some psychological explanations that create difference between frustration and anger. Basically frustrations and anger are natural responses that arise in humans as well as in animals. Frustration is basically a response to some inner condition which is due to some reason that is beyond your control whereas the anger is a response to something external resulting from a disapproving incident etc. Frustration builds slowly in the mind of an individual while anger is something that comes suddenly and a person becomes immediately aggressive. It becomes very difficult to detect frustration and people can easily hide their feelings and can avoid exposing them but anger is quite easy to detect as an angry person usually fails to hide his facial expressions and it exposes his state of mind immediately. If you want to learn more details about frustration and anger then keep reading this article.


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    Frustration is basically an inner feeling that comes from dissatisfaction towards a situation that is beyond one’s control. It builds slowly and steadily and occupies the mind and then you start behaving in a strange manner because of frustration. Usually when people become disappointed, hopeless or are discouraged then frustration start piling up in their feelings and this condition keeps them uncomfortable. Usually frustration comes from the unavoidable things that you cannot control and this helplessness gives space to frustration in your feelings. People also become frustrated when they fail to achieve their desired goals despite working hard and it creates a feeling of annoyance in their heart that causes them frustration. If you do not get rid of frustration then after a longer period of time it starts changing into anger.

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    Anger is a response to outside factors or to a disapproving incident that is quite unexpected in a negative manner. It occupies the mind immediately and after you come across a disapproving situation and you simply cannot help exposing your feelings from your facial expressions. Anger usually comes when someone feels humiliation, injustice or some sort of pain caused by some loved one. An angry person usually fails to hide his feelings because his facial expressions become quite clear to read by everyone in front of him. Anger increases the heart rate and sometimes it becomes a reason of raised blood pressure. If an angry person does not control his anger and continues keeping it in mind that it can cause him greater damage like heart attack that can become deadly.

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