Difference between Gadget and Widget

People often get confused when looking at the similarities between a widget and a gadget. Although there are a number of similarities, there are a few key differences between these two. Understand the difference between these can help you purchase and use the right service. Essentially, both gadgets and widgets are applications developed to improve your computer or mobile device experience. Lately, with the advancements of smart phones, you will hear the word gadget and widget quite often. Products such as smart phones, calculators, currency convertors and translators can be either gadgets or widgets but the key difference between them is how they were created and who their manufacturer is. It is not difficult to identify a gadget from a widget especially if you follow some basic techniques to help you.


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    It should be noted that the widget application uses in the graphical interface technology also known as the GUI. Users are able to get a dedicated service which allows them to play games, organise and receive valuable information using coded interfaces. Therefore, one widget may provide a stop watch while the other acts as a stock quote. Remember that a widget cannot be copied to a place where HTML coding can work. Furthermore, it is designed only to be used for computers, laptops, website and mobile devices. There are a number of companies on the internet that develop and provide widgets for computer users. While a widget is an application that is very similar to a gadget, it is given a different name by the manufacturers. Apple and Yahoo are the largest creators of widget applications. Widgets can be used on any blog, new web page or social networks that support HTML coding.

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    Just like widgets, gadgets incorporates the GUI technology that develops a code that help the computer acquire a dedicated service. Again, calculators, calendars and news feeds can act as gadgets. These gadgets are made to be used on desktops, laptops, websites and mobile devices as well. The GUI code of the gadget application can only be copied on to certain websites depending on the HTML coding requirements. The name gadget for computer applications is typically used by Google and Apple. Gadgets can only be used for the purposes they are designed for.

    For example, gadgets produced by Microsoft can only work with Microsoft Windows. Gadgets developed by Google can only be used Google web pages such as Google Books, Google Maps and Google Search.

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