Difference between Gazebo and Pergola

Large homes usually have big lawns or gardens and the owners usually love to decorate these with various things. Gazebo and pergola are generally considered the best elements for decorating any outdoor area. Many people consider these structures as the same but they are wrong as gazebo and pergola are different in many aspects. If you are deciding to build an outdoor structure, then you should know the differences between gazebo and pergola in order to select the one that suits your needs.

Gazebo is an open structure from the sides but have a solid roof at the top while pergola is not only open from the sides but also from the top as it does not have a roof. Gazebo usually has eight corners that make it an octagonal outdoor structure and because of the roof, it has a complete shade on the inside. On the contrary, pergola does not have any shade inside. Gazebo is generally constructed for sitting purposes and people usually put chairs or sofas inside it. A pergola is built usually for passage ways and not for sitting purposes. Pergola is also used for supporting different vines in the garden.


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    Gazebo is an open outdoor structure usually made of wood and people love to build it in their lawns and gardens. The design of a gazebo is usually octagonal that is slightly round in shape. However, all eight sides of gazebo remain open and eight pillars support the roof. The main purpose of building a gazebo is to beautify the garden and to have some place to sit outdoors.

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    Pergola is an open structure that is easy to build as it does not have a roof and all you need are the pillars to complete this structure. Pergolas are generally used not only to beautify the passage ways but also for supporting different plants that grow fast and have long branches. Usually the branches of different plants cover pergolas and give them a leafy shade that makes them more fascinating especially if they have been around for awhile.

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