Difference between Heliocentric and Geocentric

Heliocentric and geocentric are two types of terms which are related to the Earth and rotation of the planets. When the Earth is considered as the centre of the universe, it is called a geocentric model and when the sun is considered the centre of the universe, it is called a heliocentric model. In general terms, the sky has always been the centre of attention for human beings. For centuries, people have been making their conclusions about the Earth and sky. In the past many were confused that the Earth basically revolved around sun while others thought that sun revolved around the Earth.


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    The concept that advocates the idea that the sun is considered as the centre of the universe, is called a heliocentric model. This unique concept first emerged in Ancient Greek history. The concept that the sun is the centre of the universe was discouraged with great rebellion. A great philosopher from Greece, Aristarchus of Samos proposed this theory in the 3rd century BC. Though many started to believe it but due to the dominance of the Aristotelian view of the universe, this concept was rejected. Some rejected it as they felt this theory lacks proof and some rejected it on the basis of pressure from the Aristotelian view of the universe. In that period of time, the Church had a huge role in all major philosophies regarding the universe including medicine, mathematics and philosophy itself. Catholic cleric Nicholas Copernicus knew that he would face many problems when he started to believe in this concept and started to research it as well. He believed Aristarchus of Samos’ concept and developed a mathematical model to explain the motion of both bodies. It was complex explanation of the Earth, sun and their movements. He was managed to explain the right motion which was later considered to be one of the major achievements in the study of the solar system.

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    Geocentric concept states that Earth is considered to be at the centre of the universe. This concept was more widely accepted around the world in many countries. Despite many disagreements, the concept that the Earth is at the centre of the universe still holds some acceptance. One simple example of geocentric model is that the sun’s rises from the east and sets in the west. The great philosophers, Aristotle and Ptolemy were strong advocates of this concept.

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