Difference between Jute and Sisal

Jute and Sisal are two types of fibres. Jute fibre is taken from outer skin of the jute plant while Sisal fibres are taken from leaves of agave. Interestingly, both these fibres are native of different countries. First type of fibre called Jute is from Bangladesh and Sisal has a Mexican background. Different types of products are made from Jute and Sisal. The plant of Jute and Sisal has great warmth and durability. Usually different types of rugs are made from Jute and Sisal. Both Jute and Sisal differences are based on which plant they come from and in which country that this plant is grown.


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    Jute fibre is taken from outer skin of the jute plant. The cellulose and lignin obtained from the Jute plant is carefully processed to make different types of products. Jute fibres are considered very strong and at the same are also very popular in many countries. Though cotton is considered more popular than Jute fibre but still cotton cannot give high quality output like jute fibre. It is often called a natural fibre and is basically grown in the Indian subcontinent. Bangladesh is the biggest exporter of jute in the world. Because it is not so expensive, jute fibre has revolutionised different industries. Now many types of ropes, gunny bags and clothes for people without much money are made out of jute fibre in many countries. First the raw jute is taken from the stem of the jute plant and then processed with a unique method to produce different products. Rugs are the most common product of raw jute while different types of ropes are also made. The fibres are also 100% biodegradable and less expensive.

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    Sisal fibres are taken from leaves of agave and are produced in Mexico. The great durability and warmth makes Sisal very popular around the world. Though Jute rugs are still very popular but nowadays, Sisal rugs and carpets are also being made in many countries. Raw Sisal Fibres are processed with care and experts create different products. Sisal products are slightly more expensive than jute fibre because the processing takes more time. Originally from Mexico, the Sisal agave is now also spread to Africa, US, Brazil and in some Asian countries.

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