Difference between Lycra and Spandex

People often end up getting confused, when they try to differentiate between Lycra and Spandex. They can’t seem to figure out just how the two differ and this leaves them wondering if there even is a difference between them. However, in order to know which is which, we first need to understand that the two items are fundamentally the same thing.

Spandex is the generic term which is used to describe a material used in making a type of clothing that has great elasticity and strength. Spandex is almost scratch resistant and it helps keep you dry when you wear it. It also prevents your sweat and fluids from going outside.

Lycra is the brand name for Spandex which is registered by the Dupont Company. This name helps them differentiate their Spandex from other companies products.

When someone buys Lycra Spandex, it is comparable to someone buying a branded pair of jeans. In North America, it is common to hear people refer to this article of clothing as Spandex. However, in parts of Europe it is known as Elastane.

To sum it all up and make the difference between the two apparent, the only real difference is the fact that Lycra is just a brand name for Spandex, while the term Spandex is used as a generic term to describe the material.


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    This is a brand that has gone on to specialise in the production of Spandex. Lycra represents the brand name for Spandex.

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    This is the generic name given to the stretchy cloth which people wear. It is waterproof, scratch-proof and has great strength. It is mostly used by surfers, who want to prevent themselves from getting cold and wet.

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