Difference Between Search Engine and Directory

Search engine and directory are two different terms but many believe that both of these are somehow related. Basically both these terms are slightly related but still have many differences. Search engines help you find different types of data on the internet while a directory is a catalogue of different websites. Users get help from these directories as it lists down all the websites that are included in a particular catalgue of sites. On the other hand, search engines are also a great way to find any type of data which usually is very difficult to find on the internet.


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    Search engine

    It is very difficult to find and also take care of a large data/information which is available on the internet. Different types of content somehow also creates difficulty for users as search engines are a good application which guides you to find required content or data. Everyday the growth of the internet is getting huge. More and more people are sharing data on the internet. Though information is available on internet but finding right type of information and according to someone’s requirements is very difficult. This is where search engines play their role when they filter the information from millions of websites and provide you with best possible and nearest information. Usually search engines work on web crawling, indexing and searching. In the first process of web crawling, the information is collected. After web crawling, the pages which are indexed in search engine help you search different types of information. Web crawlers retrieve information and index maximum information that can be searched through search engine application. The indexed data base then retrieves information and displays on the web browser.

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    Web directory

    Web directory is a large catalogue of different websites. The directory also shows all the published website on internet. There are many web directories on the internet which display different kinds of websites related to its nature. Directories also display websites with categories. Fashion websites, sports websites and many other different websites are catalogued. These directories are maintained by human editors as they carefully categorised with respect to the actual nature of that website. Yahoo and Open Direct projects are big directory websites. Web directory displays relevant information as well. Web directories also maintain high quality as their editors do not consider any website which does not meet the criteria. This maintains the quality and integrity of the information inside the directory.

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