Difference Between Shipment and Cargo

Transportation is perhaps the single most important factor in the success or failure of any industry. Same can be said about an economy since good transportation facilities allow it to boom whereas lack of them reduces the chances of improvement in business and it suffers as a consequence.

The ability to transport allows the materials and goods to be transported for all kinds of purposes. This can be for the reason of manufacturing, the movement of finished goods to the warehouse and eventually retail outlets.

It is not restricted to the borders of a country and sometimes the carriage is for buyers that are available overseas. The terms cargo and shipment are used interchangeably for the purpose of transportation of goods. Although the two are quite similar in nature, they do have some differences.

Cargo is a term that is usually used for a large number of goods that are to be transported. It is a noun and is used specifically for the process of transportation of goods. On the other hand, shipment is both a noun and a verb and will have a different meaning depending on the purpose for which it is used.

As a noun it is synonyms with cargo. However, when it is used as a verb, it strictly refers to the carriage of goods by sea route.


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    Traditionally the word was used only for shipments that were being carried by sea. However, the concept has now changed and it is also used for carriage through road, air and train.

    The size of a shipment can vary and there is no clear marker as to what is a minimum size to be declared as a shipment. It can vary from a few hundred grams to a few hundred tons.

    There are many carriers that offer transportation of all kinds of shipments for a decent price not only locally but internationally as well.

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    The term cargo is generally used for transportation of goods that are large in number. There are sea, air and land cargo services all over the world that facilitate businesses with their services.

    This can be done both within the borders of a country as well as outside them. All countries count on cargo from all over the world to keep their economies strong and filled with goods that are needed. Millions of tons of cargo is constantly on the move on a daily basis between different countries. Cargo provides us with all the items we need especially if you live in land-locked area far from ocean ports.

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