Difference Between Studio and Apartment

There is no site in the world like home. At the end of a long, tiring day, all one needs is to crash on his or her couch and sleep it all away. It gets better when you are in your own home since the homely feeling is there which adds to the comfort level.

The home can be a family house, a town house, an apartment or a studio. They all feel good to the one they call home. There is simply no restriction on the type.

Generally there is a misconception that there is no difference in a studio and a single bedroom apartment. Both of them are often used interchangeably but they certainly are quite different.

A studio is a large room with a kitchen and a washroom. There is space made in a way that a living room and other parts of the house can be placed in it but it is open and is a single big room that covers all the area. On the other hand, an apartment has a bedroom or bedrooms, separate living and family area in most cases and has a kitchen and at least one bathroom.

The major difference between the two is the separate allocation and the style of construction.


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    It is an ideal solution for a single person who wants an “all in one” solution. It is certainly not a very good option for a family though. The financial cost of the studio is also good enough for a single person to be able to afford it.

    The concept mainly exists in western countries since there is a large population of people who are living away from the family or do not have one. It is ideal for someone who likes to break away from the traditional ways.

    Since only one place is being used, generally the utility bills are not as high as some of the other housing options.

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    An apartment is a generally is a single floored structure which has separate rooms such as a living room, family room and bedrooms. The main component that makes them different from traditional homes is that apartments are made on top of each other.

    They are equally good for a single person and a family. The rent is generally decent though there are some apartments that can cost a fortune depending on the options they offer and their location.

    The utility bills are generally reasonable unless too much of them are being used. It is overall quite a good option for someone who is moving in the right direction in life.

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