Difference Between Training and Running Shoes

Wearing proper shoes is important during running and training. Several people believe that you can wear the same type of shoe while walking, going to the gym, running and training, even though that is not the case. Man has learnt a lot about fitness over time. It is now known that wearing the same pair of shoes for all the aforementioned activities is not a good idea. Different shoes serve different purposes and they should be utilized accordingly.

Despite the fact that there are plenty of similarities between running and training shoes, there are several differences as well.

Training shoes are heavier as compared to the ones you use while running. It becomes hard for the runner to maintain a high speed if the shoes are heavy.

Secondly, training shoes always have a better support on the sides, since the user has to change directions. On the other hand, running shoes provide the wearer with a comfortable base. This is to comfort the runner so he/she does not have any difficulty in running over different types of surfaces.


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    Training Shoes

    Training shoes are particularly used in the gym. You may have noticed that many people train with bare feet, but it is better to wear training shoes. You need these shoes especially when you are doing lower body exercises. A few exercises put a lot of pressure on your feet and in case you are not wearing these shoes, you might end up twisting your ankle. You can wear these shoes while you are training for kickboxing, weight lifting and aerobics. Several injuries can be avoided if you have your training shoes on while you are in the gym.

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    Running Shoes

    Particularly made to assist you in running, these shoes are light in weight. The manufacturers mostly focus on making the base and the toes as comfortable as possible. If you are involved in a sport that involves running, it is better to get hold of specific running shoes otherwise you may end up hurting your feet. Running shoes also ensure that your foot has a tight grip around it, so that your feet are steady when you are running.

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