Difference Between Wolf Dog and a Husky

A wolfdog is a hybrid breed achieved after the successful mating of a wolf and a dog, whereas, huskies are not hybrids. Wolf dogs clearly have the advantage of size on their side, but are dangerous animals to be kept as pets due to their unpredictable behaviour. Huskies on the other hand, are friendlier towards humans and have proven to make great companions.

For all the Dog lovers, i have written a detailed review on Wolf Dog and Husky below. Simply scroll down and continue reading rest of the article.


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    Wolf dog

    Wolves are considered mysterious animals and are a part of folklore in different cultures of the world. However, they are wild animals, unsuited to domestication. This has lead to wolf dogs being preferred options for those who want exotic pets. Wolf dogs are crossbreeds between wolves and dogs, and are purchased mostly by wealthy owners.

    These resilient animals can survive in any weather, which makes them suited for both cold and hot climates. A first generation wolf dog is considered to be very dangerous and should not be taken like a domestic dog.

    You should never trust a wolf dog around your children either, since they are unpredictable and don’t necessarily obey commands. It is in fact advised to keep your exotic pet away from kids at all times. Keeping your wolf dog on a leash at all times is strongly recommended. Nonetheless, there isn’t any conclusive evidence to show that wolf dogs are more aggressive than other big dogs like German Shepherds, Rottweiler’s, and Pit Bulls.

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    Huskies have the closest resemblance to wolves, which also makes them a good option for those desiring a wolf like pet.

    They are originally used as sledge dogs and can be easily domesticated. These dogs can pull sledges for hours, which make them perfect for this job with their unmatchable stamina. Huskies have a very thick coat, which makes them suited for cold climates, but impossible to keep in hotter regions.

    These dogs are favourite pets in the North, where they are kept in the house and are usually not a threat to people around them. However, these dogs can become aggressive due to excess energy, which makes them bite and chew off sofas and other household items. Originally it was thought that leaving children with a husky could be dangerous, but these dogs have exhibited caring qualities towards infants, which makes them good family pets.

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