Donation Thank You Letter

Thank you letter from recipient of a donation, whether an individual or an organisation is necessary for giving the donor confidence that you are going to use his/her given money for a genuine reason or purpose. It is also essential to give the donor a long-term loyalty to the organisation or cause which has been served through the funds. Often Thank you letters have details how the donate money will be used, which satisfies the donor that given money is not wasted but effectively used for the given cause. The format of the letter is no different from other appreciation and gratitude letters, but it is sometimes rather in detail and explanatory.

Start the letter straight with offering sincere thanks to the donor person and organisation, and mention how important was their contribution in the cause you serve.

In next paragraph explain a bit about the cause, especially give number of your clients who are benefiting from contributions like this organisation and without it how many lives were on the risk.

End the later with an invite to the donor person or organisation so that they can personally see what you do and have an opportunity to interact with your clients.

Before closing salutation, again thank you the person or head of the organisation and express a wish to be in regular contact with them.

Lastly do not forget to put your signatures if you are sending the letter by post.


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    Sample of Donation Thank You Letter

    Mr. George Wilson
    Exact Pipes Limited
    24 Federal Avenue
    George Street
    London, UK
    EC1 2BR

    January 07, 2013

    Dear Mr. Wilson
    Let us allow to deeply thank you for your kind gesture of philanthropy and contributing to the genuine cause of rehabilitation of missing children. As you would appreciate we are striving to provide shelter and counselling services from Save Children platform to street children, who are normally without a family to supervise and attend to.

    I would like to take this opportunity to bring into your knowledge that the sum of $1 million your organisation donate to the cause we serve, we are able to rehabilitate a group of 67 children. They have been given immediate counseling services and being helped to integrate into mainstream community system, including arrangement for their education and healthcare services.

    We have been serving the cause for last 20 years with monetary help from people like you, on self-help basis. We are able to integrate a large number of street children, who are exposed to many risks, into mainstream community.

    We would like to extend here an invitation to please take out some time from your busy schedule to visit our office and rehabilitation centre. We would also like to introduce you with our network partners and give you an overall idea how our services work.

    We thank you again for contribution towards children's cause and look forward to be in communication with you in future.

    Kind Regards

    Ms. Katherine George
    Head of Save Children
    1/11 30 Wilson Street
    Washington Street
    London, UK
    WC1 5JH

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    Template of Donation Thank You Letter

    (Name of Person)
    (Company/Organisation Name)
    (Address House No)
    (City, Country)


    Dear Mr/Ms. (Sir name of person)

    May we take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the genuine cause of missing children. Your timely help will no doubt save lives of many children.

    We appreciate the efforts of organisation like yours, which have been able us to carry out this important task on a self-help basis over past many years. This has brought a visible change on lives of many street children.

    With an hope that the generous organisations like your will always be at forefront of serving the cause of needy children, we would like to extend a formal invite to yourself and your staff to please visit in person to see what we do and how we do.

    We thank  you again, look forward to hearing from you about the invitation.

    Kind Regards

    (Your Name)
    (Your Organisation Name)
    (Address... Place No.)
    (City, Country)
    (Postal Code)

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