Easy Hand Sewing Projects for Kids

Sewing or stitching is never easy especially for kids but if you start from scratch and give them easy sewing projects then they will not take much time to learn how to let the needle do its work. Problem starts when you try to teach them with boring old methods. The best way to keep them engage is that just assign them tasks of their own interest.

Here are few examples of easy hand sewing projects for your kids.


  • 1

    Handmade lunch box:

    Imagine your kid is going to school, having a lunch box that she has made with her own hands. What a proud moment will be for her while showing this to every friend. Trust me lunch boxes are dead easy to make but it will give them a sense of achievement.

  • 2

    Oil cloth coasters:

    Oil clothes coasters are needed in almost every house of the world. Give your children a chance to stitch these for you as it is as easy as abc. Just give them a square shaped cotton fabric and tell them to do needle work on the borders.

  • 3

    Coin pouch:

    Children always like to get coins and gather them in a money box but they do not last long. It will be really great if you ask them to make a pouch to keep all these coins in it.

    Your kids can make a zipper coin purse out of any fabric. You may give them leftover pieces which usually don’t get into use. Give them a tape zipper which will stick easily to that fabric and then ask them to stitch from three sides.

  • 4

    Make a cushion/ pillow:

    Apparently, it is an uphill task for a kid of tender age to sew a pillow or floor cushion but in real it is an easy job. All you need is to provide them a cloth bag and bit soft and fluffy stuff to fill that bag. After they are done with fillers, ask them to seal it from the one side.

  • 5

    Fleece fringe scarf:

    A nice fleece scarf is also a good idea as it can be done in just two simple steps. Give them a piece of fleece and direct them to cut in shape of scarf. Then they just need to make fringes with scissor and stitch those fringes properly.

  • 6

    Mini skirt:

    Once your kids are done with the basic training, give them a printed or hand-drawn design skirt. Guide them to do the needle work and pick colours properly. Trust me, they will not only learn quickly but also have fun while sewing this.

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