Employment Joining Letter

To receive a joining letter from a company you applied in is very exciting moment. When you get the job you wanted, there is no better feeling than that. It usually takes about two weeks for a decision from the employer after a interview is conducted.

An Employment Joining Letter is the document sent from the employer or the company to the selected candidate. It is basically a letter to tell the individual that he has been hired for the required post and would have to join on a set date. It generally also includes the job description and the details of salary for the employee. The candidate has to sign the document and post it back as a token of acceptance that he has joined office.


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    Sample of an Employment Joining Letter

    Mike Simpson

    March 12, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern

    With reference the interview you had with us on March 1, we are pleased to inform you that you have been appointed as the Quality Manager at Decent Foods Pvt. Limited. You are being offered a monthly salary of $3,500 from the company and the detailed breakup is enclosed with the Annexure.

    You will be required to work at the Head Office, and are liable to be transferred to other offices depending on the situation. The management will tell you in advance for a change in the future in any case.

    In case you agree to the terms and conditions of the contract, you are requested to sign the duplicate copy of the Employment Joining Letter and return it to the office as a token of acceptance.

    The company will look forward to your joining and is expecting hard work and excellent performance as it does from each individual.

    We will hope that your association with us turns out to be in the best of both parties involved.

    Yours truly,

    John Sander

    HR Manager

    Decent Foods Pvt. Limited

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    Template of an Employment Joining Letter

    [Employee Name]


    To Whom It May Concern

    With reference to the interview you had with us, we are pleased to inform that you have been hired for the post of ............... in our company.

    There is a job description attached to the document, which clearly outlines your basic duties and role. I will be grateful if you sign the duplicate Employment Joining Letter copy and send it back to us.

    The company is looking forward to welcome you to the office in the near future. For any queries, feel free to contact me.

    Yours truly,

    [Employers Name]


    [Company Name]

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