Employment Separation Letter

An employment separation letter is a formal document which is delivered to an employee when he/she leaves a particular organisation because of retirement or for any other reason.

In the first paragraph, you should address the employee and show your regret that he/she is leaving the organisation due to some reason like retirement etc.

In the second paragraph, you should pay gratitude to the employee by acknowledging his/her contribution and efforts that he/she has been putting in the development of the organisation.

In the following paragraph of this employment separation letter, you should advise him/her to return all those things which are the property of the organisation. Also wish him/her best of luck for his/her future plans.


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    Sample of Employment Separation Letter

    Shaun Hector
    Senior Executive
    Lincoln Corporation
    76 Northwest Washington, DC 20010
    Date: January 10, 2013

    Dear Mr. Hector,

    With a burdened heart, I am issuing you this letter which is a thirty (30) days notice that you are retiring from this organisation, Lincoln Corporation. We acknowledge your untiring and unforgettable services that you have been doing to Lincoln Corporation for the last 25 years which is fairly a life time period for any employee.

    You have been an asset to our company and always remained a source of inspiration for the junior employees who have learnt a lot from you. You have played your part in this organisation in a productive manner and through your efforts we have grown to a larger extent.

    However, I advise you to return all company property before leaving and also take all your belongings with you. We all will miss you as you have been a part of Lincoln Corporation for so long. We also wish you best of luck for your all of your future plans.


    Nick Johnson
    HR Manager

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    Template of Employment Separation Letter

    [Employee Name]
    [Employee Position/Designation]
    [Company Name]
    [Company Address]

    Dear Mr/Mrs [Last Name of Employee],

    I regret to write you this separation letter considering that you are retiring from this company [Write Organisation Name] next month. As per company policy, this is a thirty (30) days notice issued to you before you leave this organisation [Write Organisation Name].

    You have been a source of inspiration for all of us as you are the most senior and experienced employee who has spent 25 years [put the exact duration] of his life in this company [Write Organisation Name].

    However, before leaving the workplace, please return all company property and take all belongings with you on your last day in this organisation [Write Organisation Name]. We wish you best of luck for the future endeavours you undertake.


    [Name of Authority]

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